Vinnies Italian Restaurant - Southport

1 Stevens Street, Southport
Italian Pizza Dessert Pasta Gluten Free Ribs Salad
4:45pm - 8:50pm
4:30pm - 8:50pm
Min. delivery: $25.00 + Delivery Fee
Free item over $38 Free item over $38

Free item over $38 Free item over $38

Receive FREE Large Tomato Focaccia when you spend over $38.

Not valid with any other promotion or special, the order total (not including delivery fee) must be over $38.

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Free item over $38

Free Large Tomato Focaccia

Not valid with any other promotion or special, the order total (not including delivery fee) must be over $38.

Offering a ton of pasta options, Vinnie's Italian Restaurant is located on 1 Stevens Street in Southport. Many of the pasta dishes are inspired by dishes from around the world, including the Tandoori chicken pasta or the Mexicana pizza . The options offered by Vinnie's are very diverse, and cover a wide range of choices for any palette. They are open from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm and deliver with a minimum order of $24.

Sunday 4:45pm to 8:50pm
Monday 4:45pm to 8:50pm
Tuesday 4:45pm to 8:50pm
Wednesday 4:45pm to 8:50pm
Thursday 4:45pm to 8:50pm
Friday 4:45pm to 8:50pm
Saturday 4:45pm to 8:50pm
Sunday 4:30pm to 8:50pm
Monday 4:30pm to 8:50pm
Tuesday 4:30pm to 8:50pm
Wednesday 4:30pm to 8:50pm
Thursday 4:30pm to 8:50pm
Friday 4:30pm to 8:50pm
Saturday 4:30pm to 8:50pm
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830 Vinnies Italian Restaurant Reviews

  • We ordered the ribs and entree prawns last night. It all arrived under their specified time which was great. The ribs were awesome as always but the prawns were an absolute disaster. They were way too sweet, to the point where my partner took one bite and threw the rest in the bin. It was as though they had used a desert sauce, thrown way to much pepper in it to try and hide the sweetness, and then poured it over the prawns. I'm surprised a dish like that would actually be given to a customer. All in all a bit of a disappointing. If you do order from here stick with pasta and ribs and stay far far away from the prawns!
  • - - Labrador - March 2013
  • - - SOUTHPORT - March 2013
  • No bad. Delivered nice and hot, very tasty, though tummy hurt that night. Still looking for a favourite pizza place.
  • - - SOUTHPORT - March 2013
  • - - LABRADOR - March 2013
  • Great Food - Big fan of the veal alfunghi - Large servings tasty vegetables and great sauce. Also Tomato Focaccia Is ok.
  • - - SOUTHPORT - March 2013
  • I had ordered from these guys before, and it was lousy, but thought I would give them a second chance.What a waste of time.The delivery was spot on,the food was hot.From here it went down hill.The base was wafer thin,and tasted like carboard,the topping was just o.k., the banana on it was still mushy and black.I will give them one star for the fast delivery and food being hot.I will not be ordering pizza from this place again.
  • - - SOUTHPORT - March 2013
  • - - RUNAWAY BAY - March 2013
  • - - LABRADOR - February 2013
  • Great
  • - - ASHMORE - February 2013
  • Super fast delivery. Arrived piping hot and was delicious!!
  • - - LABRADOR - February 2013
  • Very poor customer service especially by the owner. I waited 2 hours for my order and it arrived cold. On top of that it wasn't even the correct order. The food was horrible.
  • - - PARADISE POINT - February 2013
  • - - SOUTHPORT - February 2013
  • Once again these guys didn't Disappoint. A hot meal delivered in no time at all. Both pizza had plenty of toppings. I will be ordering again for sure. Give these guys a try, you won't be disappointed.
  • - - SOUTHPORT - February 2013
  • Fabulous
  • - - ASHMORE - February 2013
  • Yummy as usual!
  • - - February 2013
  • Great food and great price. Quick delivery. Happy all round.
    Sticky date pudd was awesome. Ribs were beaut, huge for the price.
  • - - benowa - January 2013
  • Fast and friendly delivery.Only ate the pizza which was beaut,it was hot and they were not stingy with the toppings.The remaing order was put into the freezer for another day.I'm sure I won't be disappointed, as I have'nt been in the past.
  • - - SOUTHPORT - January 2013
  • Ordered ribs, average tasting. 55mins delivery.
  • - - ASHMORE - January 2013
  • Up until tonight I have been very happy with my orders. I was very, very disappointed with my meal. The Kahuna Pizza was burnt on the bottom, around the edges was burnt black, the banana content was very little, and that was over ripe, black and mushy, not very tasty at all. I have given one star for on time friendly delivery. It was NOT value for money this time. I don't understand why, as all of my previous orders have been fantastic. I will reorder from Vinnies again, everyone should have a second chance, but if my next meal should turn out like tonight, I won't be ordering again.
  • - - SOUTHPORT - January 2013
  • I wish Vinny would come be our chef! :)
  • - - LABRADOR - January 2013
  • - - December 2012
  • Always a quick delivery - thank you! Food is fantastic!
  • - - LABRADOR - December 2012
  • Fantastic as always!
  • - - LABRADOR - December 2012
  • Very fast despite them being busy. We dine in there a bit and the take away foor is as good if not better! :) Lovely RIBS!! Thanks guys.
  • - - LABRADOR - December 2012
  • - - LABRADOR - November 2012
  • - - LABRADOR - November 2012
  • - - LABRADOR - September 2012
  • Quality of the food was average, I have eaten more flavoursome food out of chicken tonight jars as a comparison to the scallopine al funghi. The ravioli ricotta had no sauce and the inside of the ravioli was pasty and dry. The order took an hour and a half to get delivered from 2.5 kms away and it was only just warm when it got here. :( Never again im afraid. I guess that Vinnie's pizzas must be out of this world amazing, if the fancy sounding stuff is that crap.. :)
  • - - SOUTHPORT - September 2012
  • It was a little while ago, hopefully a new chef has been hired since, however the food ordered and received from this place was horrible. Haven't been back since.
  • - - SOUTHPORT - August 2012
  • really tasty, real food
  • - - SOUTHPORT - July 2012
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