New Dragon Palace - Varsity Lakes

16/221 Christine Avenue, Varsity Lakes
Chinese Asian Singaporean
12:00pm - 2:30pm
4:30pm - 9:00pm
12:00pm - 2:30pm
4:30pm - 9:00pm
Min. delivery: $30.00 Delivery Fee: $10.00
20% off orders over $200 20% off orders over $200

20% off orders over $200 Discount on orders over certain amount

20% off orders over $200

Not valid with any other promotion or special, the order total (not including delivery fee) must be over $200.

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Discount on orders over certain amount

20% off orders over $200

Not valid with any other promotion or special, the order total (not including delivery fee) must be over $200.

If you're in Varsity Lakes and are looking for a nice place to go for delicious Chinese food, then you'll find New Dragon Palace to be just right. The food here is pretty standard Chinese fare, but everything on the menu is made fresh to order and portions are generous. You may already have a favourite Chinese dish, but for something different try Shan Tung Chicken, Mongolian Lamb or the Szechuan Seafood Combo. Why not have your food delivered or order it for collection? When you use the free online ordering option, your food will arrive hot and ready to eat.

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63 New Dragon Palace Reviews

  • - - SURFERS PARADISE - August 2019
  • Excellent meal.
  • - - BURLEIGH WATERS - August 2019
  • - - SURFERS PARADISE - July 2019
  • The food was great. Only downside was that we ordered it to be delivered at 8pm and it was delivered at 6.45pm. Not a biggie but still an inconvenience as it was ordered for a later time due to an event.
  • - - VARSITY LAKES - July 2019
  • We ordered at 5.15 pm & after paying $10 for delivery. Our food arrived at 7.40pm the food was just warm and not one of us enjoyed it.I wouldn’t go there again. Very disappointed. It cost us a fortune and it all went to waste. The estimate time was 6.30 pm for delivery. If I knew it was going to be any longer than this, I would not have ordered. I am so disappointed.
  • - - SURFERS PARADISE - June 2019
  • Food was great! Fresh and delicious!
    Delivery was terrible. 1.5hr from ordering. It was only a km up the toad. It would have been much faster to get in the car and get it myself
  • - - VARSITY LAKES - June 2019
  • Order was 2 hour and 15 late and was stone cold. Tried to call the place and they said they would call me back but never did. They also didn't deliver our fried rice. Would not recommend
  • - - TALLEBUDGERA - May 2019
  • It was warm when we received it and was 15minutes late on delivery
  • - - BURLEIGH WATERS - May 2019
  • This delivery was so fast! I was impressed with the quality and amount of food I received. It's the first time I have ordered from Dragon Palace and the food and service time were fantastic! I'll be back.
  • - - VARSITY LAKES - March 2019
  • Fresh , tasty , varieties and good.
  • - - February 2019
  • Best food
  • - - BURLEIGH WATERS - February 2019
  • - - BURLEIGH WATERS - August 2018
  • Fresh, tasty , good portions , good price. Absolutely fantastic !
  • - - July 2018
  • - - BURLEIGH WATERS - July 2018
  • - - MERMAID WATERS - March 2018
  • The food was not good, the delivery time was terrible.
    Never again.
    Did the Oder about 6:10pm the delivery time was to be 7:10pm.
    7:15 I call and ask about my food, because I leave only 800 metres from the restaurant.
    They told me the food is on the way.
    Another 10 minutes and nothing.
    I call again and ask what’s going on.
    Then that place told they’re to busy.
    I was furious, he just lied to me, I told don’t worries I am going in person to collect the food.
    Never again.
    1:45 waiting
  • - - VARSITY LAKES - December 2017
  • No sauce with the springroll or the prawn cutlets rice not nice lemon chicken not so good sweet/sour pork was not eatable Singapore noodles was very good $90.00 wes very expensive i normily pay around $70.00 for what i got and it was 30 min late but there was a storm on even tryed it next day was thrown out.
  • - - NERANG - December 2017
  • Really enjoyed our meal.
  • - - VARSITY LAKES - November 2017
  • Really lovely meal, and plenty of it.
  • - - November 2017
  • Nothing special for the price
  • - - PALM BEACH - October 2017
  • - - September 2017
  • 1) Ordered early for a 6:30 pickup. Finally got it after waiting 20 or 25 minutes after 6:30.
    2) People who ordered takeaway after I went in to pick up, got their meals before me.
    3) Much of the food was cold. Obviously wasn't cooked at the same time.
    4) More sauce than anything else for the curries.
    5) Deep fried prawns were soggy.

    Used to be good, not any more. Extremely disappointed.
  • - - August 2017
  • It took them an hour and 10 to deliver and gave us one wrong dish, I probably won't use them again.
  • - - BURLEIGH WATERS - June 2017
  • Food prepared quickly and ready on time. All items were delicious and high quality - and leftovers were still good the next day. Will eat here again!
  • - - June 2017
  • Second time we've ordered from New Dragon Palace and I have to say I was NOT disappointed. The food is delicious and the service is fast. Well done guys keep it up!
  • - - May 2017
  • So easy to order online and the pick up time was not long at all. The food was delicious. All of the five dishes ordered were full of flavour and very reasonably priced. We will definitely be back!
  • - - April 2017
  • I arrived at dragon palace to collect my order and they new nothing about it
    I had to convince them I had paid before they would start to cook it
  • - - March 2017
  • Prompt, friendly
  • - - March 2017
  • Mongolian lamb sauce and veg were lovely but meat was a bit chewy. Chicken and veg was disappointing with chicken being tough and sauce bland. Veg were lovely though.
  • - - March 2017
  • - - WEST BURLEIGH - February 2017
  • While the food tasted nice there was very little meat in the containers. Mostly the containers were filled with veges. We spent $108 to feed 8 people and half the people missed out on some of the meats. Super expensive as we had to order individual containers as there were no banquet or family value packs.
  • - - February 2017
  • - - BURLEIGH WATERS - January 2017
  • - - BURLEIGH HEADS - January 2017
  • Yum - lots of vegies. Was delivered in 30mins even though the confirmation text said 90mins.
  • - - VARSITY LAKES - January 2017
  • Nice food
  • - - December 2016
  • Placed an order on line and was ready waiting for me to pick up on time, quality of the food is great, definitely worth the prices.
  • - - November 2016
  • easy to order and collect - nice lady
  • - - November 2016
  • The order was wrong I ordered special fried rice and got boiled rice
  • - - November 2016
  • I have only given 3 stars as the Chicken was meant to be boneless as per the menu. I would like a refund as we could not eat it. The rest of the order was delicious.
  • - - PALM BEACH - September 2016
  • Food tastes great! Shame we got crispy noodles when we ordered soft ones and payed more for.
  • - - BURLEIGH WATERS - August 2016
  • Sticky Rice parce was not sent, then was told they would not send them out even though it was their fault they forgot. Then was told they had run out of stock. Poor service as they should've called and told what was going on strait away rather than make me wait and wonder if I was going to get my order.
  • Matt - - BROADBEACH WATERS - April 2016
  • Order from these before and always been very nice and delivered hot. Good work
  • Maria - - VARSITY LAKES - April 2016
  • Ben - - BURLEIGH HEADS - March 2016
  • We didn't receive all of our order and the food was not as good as it was previously . We won't be using this service again!
  • Jeanine - - BROADBEACH WATERS - March 2016
  • food was amazing but it took 1.5 hours to get to me..too long.
  • DIana - - PALM BEACH - February 2016
  • michelle - - BURLEIGH WATERS - January 2016
  • michelle - - BURLEIGH WATERS - January 2016
  • Anthony - - REEDY CREEK - December 2015
  • michelle - - BURLEIGH WATERS - November 2015
  • michelle - - BURLEIGH WATERS - October 2015
  • michelle - - BURLEIGH WATERS - September 2015
  • Ok
  • dell - - BURLEIGH HEADS - July 2015
  • Fast delivery, good food, good value
  • Jason - - BURLEIGH WATERS - June 2015
  • Service was good, but the food was less than inspiring. It was only just warm and the meat in their serves was tough and dry. Probably wouldn't try them again.
  • Hayden - - VARSITY LAKES - July 2014
  • Quick delivery, delicious s&p pork... Rice was a little undercooked but yummy :)
  • Heidi - - VARSITY LAKES - June 2014
  • Jodi - - WEST BURLEIGH - May 2014
  • Melissa - - April 2014
  • The food was only ok... It was super late, don't think our instructions were followed regarding one of the dishes, as I had to spice it when it arrived. There for the one star.
  • Donna - - BURLEIGH HEADS - March 2014
  • Our order of king prawns were terrible as if the seafood was off! The beef with plum sauce dish was also a massive letdown as we couldn't even taste any plum sauce in the dish. Service was quick however we won't be using them again due to the terrible flavours - or lack thereof.
  • Bree - - VARSITY LAKES - January 2014
  • Donna - - Burleigh Waters - January 2014
  • We waited 1.5 hours and then phoned the Dragon Palace only to find out that they had no record of our order. I then placed a phone order and received our dinner at 10.25pm....... Your service is poor and this server is an extreme waste of time !!!!!!!!! I will use phone orders in future and advise friends not to use Eat Now.
  • Rod - - BROADBEACH - December 2013
  • EatNow comment: Hi Rod,

    We do apologise for the troubles caused with your order. We have spoken with the restaurant to follow up this issue. A representative from EatNow will be in contact with you shortly regarding the issue.

    Sorry again, EatNow
  • Fast delivery great food. Yum!
  • Lelle - - VARSITY LAKES - December 2013
  • Darren - - VARSITY LAKES - September 2013
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