China Moon Restaurant - Bambusia - Bondi Beach

136 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach
Chinese Asian Singaporean
4:00pm - 10:00pm
Not taking online orders
Min. delivery: $30.00 Delivery Fee: $4.00
10% off First Time Orders 10% off 1st time Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Meal Deals

10% off First Time Orders 10% off First Time Orders

10% off your first order with this restaurant.

Not valid with any other promotion or special.

Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

China Moon Restaurant - Bambusia offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Deals’ section of the menu for more details.

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10% off First Time Orders

10% off your first order with this restaurant.

Not valid with any other promotion or special.

Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

China Moon Restaurant - Bambusia offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Deals’ section of the menu for more details.

Meet your friends at China Moon - Bambusia Restaurant for good food with a casual atmosphere, background music, and beer on tap. Start with dumplings, salt and pepper calamari, duck pancakes or bbq pork buns, and move on to beef in oyster sauce, tan tong chicken, or pork lo mein. You can also get get your craving satisfied on the weekends at China Moon - Bambusia Restaurant with dim sum. The food is consistently good and the service is excellent. Enjoy the casual dining atmosphere, or order some takeaway.

Sunday 12:00pm to 10:00pm
Monday 4:00pm to 10:00pm
Tuesday 4:00pm to 10:00pm
Wednesday 4:00pm to 10:00pm
Thursday 4:00pm to 10:00pm
Friday 4:00pm to 10:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm to 10:00pm
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92 China Moon Restaurant - Bambusia Reviews

  • They are really late to deliver. I assume the food will be cold as well. They are over 15 minutes late and I called and they couldn’t tell me where my order is at. Food is also expensive as well
  • - - BRONTE - April 2019
  • Best food great delivery.
  • - - BONDI - September 2018
  • - - TAMARAMA - September 2018
  • - - BONDI - August 2018
  • - - BONDI - August 2018
Nicoletta - BLAKEHURST
  • - - BRONTE - June 2018
Nicoletta - BLAKEHURST
  • 10/10
  • - - BRONTE - June 2018
  • - - BRONTE - May 2018
  • - - BRONTE - May 2018
  • Never ever again waste of money and effort after working 14th our shift coming home to that organization terrible special fried rice was boiled rice with couple prawns wHicham they charge like wounded bull not for me again bye
  • - - BRONTE - January 2018
  • Beautiful food,Bruce would love it l am sure, lol, thank you.
  • - - RANDWICK - December 2017
  • - - BONDI - July 2017
  • - - RANDWICK - June 2017
  • - - BONDI - April 2017
  • They were very slow to deliver.
    One of our entree dishes was missing, the one they did include was stone cold. The Teriyaki chicken was bland and cold.

    When I called about the missing dish she told me she could send again but it would be another hour before we could receive it. Reluctantly offered us a refund, which is yet to be processed.

    I won't be ordering again.
  • - - BONDI - April 2017
  • Always on time and great food!
  • - - BONDI - April 2017
  • - - BONDI - March 2017
  • Everything was good and sauces served with all of the dishes made the difference
    Dim sum are awesome and dick pancakes are lovely
  • - - RANDWICK - August 2016
  • Shite
  • - - RANDWICK - August 2016
  • - - BONDI JUNCTION - August 2016
  • - - BONDI - August 2016
  • - - EDGECLIFF - July 2016
  • - - NORTH BONDI - July 2016
  • nothing really special and gluggy dumplings
  • - - BELLEVUE HILL - June 2016
  • - - CENTENNIAL PARK - June 2016
  • - - BONDI JUNCTION - June 2016
  • - - BELLEVUE HILL - June 2016
  • - - EDGECLIFF - May 2016
  • 1hr+ delivery to Paddington on a Wednesday, Peking beef was dry and flavourless. Dim sim, fried rice and prawn toast OK.
  • - - PADDINGTON - April 2016
  • Very good, just seemed to be a slight change in ingredients. So wasnt expecting that.
  • - - EDGECLIFF - April 2016
  • - - BONDI JUNCTION - March 2016
  • Bloody terrible! The delivery was 45 minutes late, the special fried rice was dry, uninteresting, and certainly nithing special. Omelette was dry and tasted of curry, king prawns undercooked and even the prawn crackers were tasteless. All in all a very expensive meal as I have thrown it all out. Refund my money please
  • - - BONDI - March 2016
  • Really poor food and they missed delivery of one of the items.
  • - - CENTENNIAL PARK - February 2016
  • It was delivered 35 minutes early, but otherwise it was fine. The food is just to my tastes.
  • - - ROSE BAY - January 2016
  • 2 hours between order and delivery. Quoted 50 minutes. So hungry!
  • - - RANDWICK - December 2015
  • Well we ordered from China Moon but the food came from Bambusia. Bambusia did not have the dishes we ordered on their menu, so it looks like they cobbled together they could. The meals we pretty bad and the unprepared nature could be seen. How did we know that the food came from Bambusia and not China Moon. There was a Bambusia menu in the bag.
  • - - BONDI JUNCTION - December 2015
  • Food was not great. My sweet and sour chicken had aboun6 small pieces of chicken and the rest was vegetables. Honey chicken had no sauce and was gross. Delivery driver forgot our drink and when we called would not bring it back out to us.

    Would not recommend
  • - - WOOLLAHRA - November 2015
  • I ordered honey tiger prawns and they had no taste at all very soggy and watery. Prawn toast had no prawns on them at all and over cooked. I specified 6pm they arrived early at 5:30. I threw it all in the bin after 3 mouthfuls. $36 I wish I'd never spent. Waste of money this Chinese.
  • - - BONDI BEACH - September 2015
  • Took two hours to deliver a simple order, food not even that great.. Not impressed.
  • - - BONDI JUNCTION - August 2015
  • very late! Said it would take 70min when booked which I thought was a bit longish but didn't arrive for 120min!!! I even called to cancel it. No offer to refund/voucher etc; could have at least called me to say it was going to be late. Shame really.
  • - - BRONTE - July 2015
  • I ordered from this place before but never have I received such tasteless food! The honey Chicken seemed to be re-heated in a microwave? It's supposed to be deep fried yet it was floppy ad had hardly any honey flavour at all. In fact one piece tasted like lemon chicken? The rest was as good as always but my fav dish is one I'll never order from these guys again...
  • SImone - - BONDI - July 2015
  • Tory - - WOOLLAHRA - July 2015
  • Fast, great food. Always our 'go to' for Chinese.
  • Evelyn - - EDGECLIFF - June 2015
  • Rach - - WAVERLEY - June 2015
  • Poor service wrong food delivered :(
  • Becci - - May 2015
  • quite slow and expensive for what u get
  • aden - - Tiaro - January 2015
  • James - - BELLEVUE HILL - January 2015
  • The food arrived piping hot, and tasted delicious. It was also definately value for money. Highly recommended.
  • Lyne - - Bellevue Hill - November 2014
  • Fast delivery. Very tasty food - I have tried every Chinese in the area and this is by far my favorite. Not 5 stars due to the high 'min delivery order' of 30 bucks... Means I cannot justify ordering from here regularly.
  • Chantal - - BONDI - November 2014
  • Eimear - - BONDI - October 2014
  • The food was decent and the portions sizable. Not really proper Chinese fare but it was reasonable.
  • Michael - - Randwick - October 2014
  • Great food - fast cheerful delivery!
  • Kay - - Edgecliff - September 2014
  • aweful food. woe ful.
  • Mark - - BONDI JUNCTION - August 2014
Nathan - ROSE BAY
  • Terrible dumplings, delivered cold and didn't taste nice.
  • Nathan - - ROSE BAY - July 2014
  • Very disappointed! More onion than meat, around 2 whole onions in one container with 6-7 pieces of meat!!! Gross! The fried rice was very bland! Forgot one of our meals and had to deliver it after we had finished everything else! overall wouldn't order again from here
  • Samantha - - May 2014
  • chicken wasn't cooked at all - waste of money
  • Brendan - - BONDI BEACH - May 2014
  • Denise - - ROSE BAY - May 2014
  • Always enjoyable. Love the chow mein and the crispy chicken.
  • Evelyn - - EDGECLIFF - May 2014
  • I read the reviews on this restaurant that simply said 'Do not order' and thought, well, I'll order early. How bad can it be. So I placed an order at 6:07 pm, thinking that if it took an hour and a half, that would be OK. So when it hadn't shown up at 7:30 I called the number for the restaurant and got no answer, time and time again. So I called Eat Now and queried it. They called the restaurant's alternative number that said 'fifteen minutes away'. When it still hadn't shown up at 8:20 I called the restaurant number again, no answer, called Eat Now, who called the restaurant and then called me back to say 'five minutes away'. It arrived within fifteen minutes of that, with no apology. Eat Now were good in chasing this up and apparently have arranged a 50% discount for me but 2.5 hours after I'd ordered the meal I didn't really want it anymore, I just needed it to arrive to stop my frustration. It was a public holiday, I guess they were probably busy, but the lack of correspondence or ability to correspond was sincerely painful. The food was OK, but not worth the headache. Order from this place only if truly desperate and be prepared to be disappointed.
  • Rebecca - - CENTENNIAL PARK - April 2014
  • 1.30m delivery and then the order was wrong. Not very impressed
  • Maddy - - TAMARAMA - April 2014
  • Kathy - - BONDI BEACH - April 2014
  • Kevin Faith - - PADDINGTON - April 2014
  • Love love the Lemon Chicken.
  • Evelyn - - EDGECLIFF - February 2014
  • The food arrived on time and tasted wonderful.
  • Lyne - - Bellevue Hill - January 2014
  • Duck pancakes were great. The meal deal was plenty of food. Would probably order more rice thou
  • Daniel - - PADDINGTON - December 2013
  • small quantity average taste wouldn't order from them again
  • joshua - - DOUBLE BAY - December 2013
  • The WORST service ive ever had anywhere.
    LESSON. read the reviews before you order... fair dinkum this was an hour late AFTER I rang them to ask where the order was. The food was average as well and to be honest barely trusted it.
  • nathan - - randwick - November 2013
  • Quite pricy but still good.
  • Missy - - TURRAMURRA - October 2013
  • Tegan - - BRONTE - August 2013
  • Delivered on time.

    Taste of food was great but it was COLD! Very cold - don't know how long it was sitting there waiting to be delivered... Not what it could of been.

  • N - - DOUBLE BAY - August 2013
  • mathew - - RANDWICK - July 2013
  • Lyne - - Bellevue Hill - June 2013
  • Very good food. I will order from them again.
  • Kevin - - PADDINGTON - June 2013
  • I found the food to be very good. The service was exellant and very polite. I will be purchasing food from this restaurant again.
  • Kevin - - PADDINGTON - June 2013
  • The food was excellent and great value for money. Arrived on time and piping hot
  • Lyne - - ROSE BAY - April 2013
  • After an hour I rang them and the man said that he had just done 5 deliveries and he was about to start cooking my food. Do not order from this restaurant.
  • Aaron - - South Yarra - April 2013
  • always a yummy meal from here
  • Stephanie - - NORTH BONDI - March 2013
  • speedy delivery and delicious food
  • Emma - - BRONTE - February 2013
  • We have been ordering dishes from China Moon for years, and we are always happy with the constant quality of the dishes. Most of the time, the food arrived in time or earlier than they confirmed, there were once when they experienced delay, we had been communicated well. There was such a horrible rain over the long weekend, we just felt so fortunate that we didnâ??t need to get wet and enjoy my favourite chilli & Sour Soup at my comfortable home. Not surprising to learn that China Moon were busy and delay delivery could happen when we ordered food that night and actually we appreciated that they let us know in advance. We got our dishes hot and delivered within the timeframe they promised, and we even received a text message saying that the food was on the way. When we received our food from the driver, the boy was soaking wet, very polite, did not say much, and rushed to the next deliveryâ?¦ We loved their Chilli & Sour Soup, Pork & Bok Choy Dumplings, traditional Mongolian lamb and Sweet Sour Pork, they were a must!
    China moon definitely is one of our favourite restaurant, and we do recommend them to our friends.

  • Bob - - BONDI - February 2013
  • yummy food, delivery on time, the teste is just like what i had in China. nice service, will order again
  • MA - - RANDWICK - January 2013
  • Quick delivery and the meal packages are great value.
  • Kristen - - RANDWICK - January 2013
  • Pretty poor food considering the price. Paid nearly $50 for something that microwaveable meals could trump, wouldn't even pay $10 if I'd known that was what I was getting. Parts of order were incorrect. Would not recommend.
  • Daniel - - EDGECLIFF - December 2012
  • Excellent service, excellent food
  • Natalie - - WAVERLEY - December 2012
  • I'm sorry to say this, but was one of the worst Chinese takeaways I've ever had! I couldn't see how my Chicken had any sort of Chinese ingredients at all! Not worth the $25 for one meal at all.
  • James - - EDGECLIFF - September 2012
  • James - - BONDI - July 2012
  • The Food was absolutely great!! It was delivered on time. Good service provided. And it was really great to have such a fantastic Chinese hot meal on a freezing day!! Well done Chinamoon!
  • Molly - - RANDWICK - June 2012
  • very disappointing meal over priced for what you get Hot Szechuan chicken don't know if the name hot meant spicy or temperature but both weren't involved. Large fried rice i may aswell have ordered small boiled rice hardly any ingredience added to rice and size was small never will order again i'm sorry for over fifty dollars i would expect much more
  • Sylvester - - NORTH BONDI - April 2012
  • it was a bit dry and tasteless. needed more flavour.
  • Gavin - - CENTENNIAL PARK - December 2011
  • It was horrible. I couldn't eat it. The peanut sauce especially tasted like chemicals, the salt and pepper squid was nothing but greasy batter, and the spring rolls were tepid and soggy. This order makes me question the quality of hygiene and cooking ability within the restaurant.
  • Lauren - - EDGECLIFF - October 2011
  • Rubbish.
  • David - - PADDINGTON - October 2011
  • meal ordered on a Wed at 7.30, food came at 8.15, it was tasty and the portion size was fine, not mammoth but fairly standard. They forgot the lemon sauce for my lemon chicken but they sorted it out quickly and I got my tasty chinese takeaway
  • rowan - - PADDINGTON - September 2011
  • I waited over 2 hours for my meal. I finally called them to find out where it was and they said it was coming. It came cold and the portion size was ridiculous. I will never order from this place again. unprofessional and terrible service and food.
  • Lauri - - WOOLLAHRA - February 2011
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