Sebastopol Noodle Bar

12 Albert Street, Sebastopol
Online Delivery closed
Not taking online orders
Min. delivery: $25.00 + Delivery Fee
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5 Sebastopol Noodle Bar Reviews

  • This place is a joke!! Firstly the delivery guy gave our order to some 'guy' on the footpath out the front. Secondly this was after we were given an e.t.a of 8.15pm and still had not received it by 8.45pm. Then after I phoned was told 10-15 mins...40mins later??? By this time we were HANGRY!! Thirdly it was the foulest food we have ever eaten!! We thought we would give it a go and our first is definitely our last!!
  • -
    60 Pts
    - ALFREDTON - December 2017
  • Fast delivery, great food, thank you!
  • -
    1215 Pts
    - MOUNT PLEASANT - November 2017
  • food isn't as tasty and fresh as it used to be, I miss that super smokey char kuai teow :(
  • -
    885 Pts
    - BALLARAT EAST - October 2017
  • Great food, thank you!
  • -
    1215 Pts
    - MOUNT PLEASANT - October 2017
  • Early delivery, fantastic dishes, great serving sizes. Our favourite take away now with home delivery - bliss!!!!!
  • -
    415 Pts
    - Buninyong - October 2017
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