Fast Food Paradise - Kuraby

Shop 6, 1307 Beenleigh Road, Kuraby
Fast Food
11:30am - 11:59pm
11:30am - 10:00pm
Min. delivery: $30.00 + Delivery Fee
10% off First Time Orders 10% off 1st time

10% off First Time Orders 10% off First Time Orders

10% off your first order with this restaurant.

Not valid with any other promotion or special.

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10% off First Time Orders

10% off your first order with this restaurant.

Not valid with any other promotion or special.

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96 Fast Food Paradise Reviews

  • - - HOLLAND PARK WEST - April 2018
  • - - CARINDALE - March 2018
  • Only one problem the bottle of coke I received was Cola not Coke this was very disappointing to advertise Coke and receive Cola there iis a huge difference.
  • - - LOGAN CENTRAL - February 2018
  • - - SALISBURY - January 2018
  • - - SALISBURY - December 2017
  • - - December 2017
  • They definitely don't care about food.
    The chicken burger was in unflavored fish batter, peice of sad tomato in the center of chewy bun.Mixed with soggy iceberg lettuce and the cheese in one clump.
  • - - HOLLAND PARK WEST - December 2017
  • DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. First of all, ordered the Lamb Chops and what we got was definitely not lamb. It was, at best, rump steak and obviously so. The accompanying veggies were microwaved frozen veggie mix - soggy and tasteless. The "coke" which we were charged $4.50 for was a $.69 bottle of Coles brand cola. They completely skipped the can of Sprite that was meant to come with the mediocre calamari rings and chips. Definitely do not order from here. Unless you get the chicken wings. They were okay - crispy, but bland. And for all of this bad to mediocre, it took just over an hour to deliver. Most disappointing eatnow experience ever.
  • - - MOUNT GRAVATT EAST - December 2017
  • Broadly horrible eating experience. If i wasn't so hungry at the time, I would of thrown it out. Everything arrived dry and over cooked or maybe recooked... buns tasted stale and the mince patty was extraordinarily salty? Chips overcooked/dark, dry and not quite crispy... same with the chicken nuggets... looked & tasted like they'd been sitting for an hour and perhaps overcooked or cooked in old oil. Not impressed for the money. There are much better fast food burgers on the market for same value or less. I'd seriously recommend they need to rethink what they ALLOW OUT THE DOOR. We also ordered sprite and they delivered fanta. Also delivery was over an hour and while we can live with that, I can't help but wonder if the condition of our food had something to do with this. Struggling to find good points about this order - my partner really liked there nugget sauce.
  • - - RUNCORN - November 2017
  • - - MORNINGSIDE - November 2017
  • Wow great food.
    Loved it.
    Very very fast.
  • - - ACACIA RIDGE - November 2017
  • Food was cold the steak was chewy (not medium rare) the chicken tasted reheated and on top of everything it was almost 10pm when I ordered just after 7 pm never eating there again...
  • - - CAMP HILL - November 2017
  • Good food, delivered in time. Thank you.
  • - - MOUNT GRAVATT EAST - October 2017
  • Delicious food hot and on time valued for money. Iwill order again
  • - - ACACIA RIDGE - October 2017
  • Very good quality hot and on time. I will order again
  • - - DURACK - October 2017
  • - - KURABY - October 2017
  • Waw my last order was very good and hot delivered on time and I will order again.
  • - - DURACK - October 2017
  • - - DURACK - October 2017
  • Delicous food, highly recommend and on time and hot.
  • - - DURACK - October 2017
  • Food was great.

    Delivery originally 1hr 20mins called at 1hr 10mins to advise running late, finally delivered at 2hrs 20mins after ordering.
  • - - MOUNT GRAVATT EAST - October 2017
  • - - INALA - September 2017
  • Took and hour to arrive
    Expecting a steak burger but got a sausage type kabab meat.. the chicken wings tasted off and old and were dry. Forgot my drink..
  • - - KURABY - September 2017
  • Got Chilli on chops instead of garlic n mushroom sauce - HIGHLY ALLERGIC to Chilli reported to manager chicken was spicy . Never got returned call WASTE OF $50 food in bin no dinner last night never again
  • - - WOODRIDGE - September 2017
  • Delicous food, on time and food was hot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • - - DURACK - September 2017
  • Very good quality food, Delivered quick so still !HOT! and great value I'll ordering again :)
  • - - KINGSTON - September 2017
  • Hi, just letting you know you guys missed a drink in my order. Eatnow called me to confirm a re delivery which also never came.

  • - - SLACKS CREEK - September 2017
  • Food was stone cold upon arrival, order was incorrect and when the restaurant was contacted to attempt correction of order no one answered the number provided. All in all very disappointed for the prices charged and portion sizes. Will not be revisiting this establishment. Very disappointing.
  • - - EIGHT MILE PLAINS - September 2017
  • - - SALISBURY - September 2017
  • - - WISHART - September 2017
  • - - SUNNYBANK - September 2017
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