I Love Asian

275 King Street, Melbourne
Asian Chinese
11:00am - 1:59am
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Min. delivery: $18.00 + Delivery Fee
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9 I Love Asian Reviews

  • Incorrect item
    I order s&p squid but received s&p tofu
    Contact eatnow twice but no responsible action taken whether from EatNow or restaurant
    Could not enjoy more of the food I paid for but not received
    Thanks eatnow
  • -
    730 Pts
    - SOUTHBANK - November 2017
  • -
    560 Pts
    - FOOTSCRAY - November 2017
  • very disappointed with the food, was cold and tasteless
  • -
    545 Pts
    - FITZROY - November 2017
  • -
    2915 Pts
    - MELBOURNE - November 2017
  • -
    95 Pts
    - FOOTSCRAY - October 2017
  • really bad. i ordered the chili sauce tofu and instead i got a box full of oil (literally filled with oil to the top) with tofu pieces drenched in it. really not enjoyable. for the price i paid, i so did not think it was worth it at all.
  • -
    820 Pts
    - TRAVANCORE - September 2017
  • -
    1310 Pts
    - CARLTON - September 2017
  • -
    1310 Pts
    - CARLTON - July 2017
  • The problem was the communication. They didn't send me an sms for the confirmation of the order, they wouldn't answer at the provided telephone number, and even if I requested to be called on the phone instead of ringing the interphone, he rang it anyway waking up my housemates at 1:00 am. Overall the food was quite good even if a bit too salty and the fried spring onion omelette too oily, I will definitely try somebody else before to try them again.
  • -
    125 Pts
    - SOUTHBANK - July 2017
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