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30 Red Rooster - Ashgrove Reviews

  • Ok chicken little bit dry but not bad
  • - - The Gap - September 2018
  • - - THE GAP - June 2018
  • Arrived promptly and hot
  • - - THE GAP - June 2018
  • We ordered to Tropicana's. The chicken was dry which sadly has been the case a few times now. I keep having to ask for stuffing because we don't get it unless we ask (never had to do this elsewhere). After asking for it this time we got stuffing the size of a 5c piece each, The Chicken on the Leg was not nearly enough for a meal which has never been an issue before, it was mostly just the small amount of meat on the drum resulting in us having to share the wing we ordered. Not impressed and didn't get enough for the price they charge.
  • - - THE GAP - March 2018
  • - - THE GAP - February 2018
  • the food is always hot and fresh and delivered in a timely manner
  • - - THE GAP - February 2018
  • Was good but again. Why at this location do I never ever get stuffing like I do every other place I get the Tropicana? Sucks but still good.
  • - - THE GAP - December 2017
  • Bit of a muddle up as ran out of roast veg
  • - - BARDON - November 2017
  • Chickens a bit dry but otherwise fine 😃
  • - - THE GAP - November 2017
  • Perfect, thanks
  • - - BARDON - October 2017
  • They forgot my drink and then couldn't get hold of them so never got it. Rest was good.
  • - - THE GAP - October 2017
  • Dry che.icken so didn't eat it but enjoyed the rest
  • - - THE GAP - October 2017
  • Awesome
  • - - THE GAP - October 2017
  • This was the last time I ordered from Red Rooster due to the quality of the food going downhill fast.

    The first couple of times I ordered, the food was delivered hot and fresh, but that unfortunately didn't last long. If that wasn't the issue - it was food being left at the store, which just should not happen.

    staff need to make more of an effort in ensuring their food is delivered to customers hot and fresh, as they advertise. It all comes down to the employees - if they care about it, they will improve, if they don't care, they won't.
  • - - THE GAP - September 2017
  • - - THE GAP - September 2017
  • - - THE GAP - August 2017
  • - - BARDON - August 2017
  • - - BARDON - August 2017
  • - - BARDON - August 2017
  • The chicken was a bit dry and had an odd flavour to it (not a glaze but like burnt/smoked). The stuffing was dry and grainy. Overall not that great compared to previous times but will go back as they are usually so spot on!
  • - - THE GAP - August 2017

    Order was due to arrive at 8.25pm.

    Order arrived at 8.55pm.

    Very late. No calls to advise of this or to apologise for the delay.

    Employee could not have cared less. She was rude, discourteous, unapologetic and unprofessional.

    I told her I was not happy with the delay or that nobody bothered to call me out of courtesy, to advise me of the delay.

    I told her to get the store manager to call me but have not yet heard back. I am not really suprised by that.

    Meal was quite unpleasant too. Usually nice, hot and fresh but average at best tonight:

    The potato balls were hard inside - almost like they had not been cooked through properly.

    The quarter chicken was burnt.

    The chips were cold, soggy and just horrible.

    The chicken strip was also burnt.

    The best thing was the gravy and coke!

    Not impressed with having to pay $26 when the meal was really quite disgusting and i won't be ordering from here again because tonight's experience has left me with a bad taste in my mouth - both literally and figuratively!!!

  • - - THE GAP - August 2017
  • - - BARDON - August 2017
  • I don't understand why this place even has delivery when (1) they are always late delivering the order and (2) the food is terrible!!!

    considering that the Ashgrove shop is only five minutes up the road from me, I just can't understand why the food is always soggy, cold and horrible :(

    Red Rooster - don't bother offering delivery unless you can guarantee your customers that it will arrive
    H O T, F R E S H and O N T I M E!
  • - - THE GAP - July 2017
  • I ordered a chicken burger and the chicken was burnt, which ruined the flavour of the whole burger.

    Chips were cold and soggy - again!

    Chicken roll was hard and the chicken was gritty and horrible - will never order that again as the thought of it makes me want to vomit!!!

    Get your act together Red Rooster!
  • - - THE GAP - July 2017
  • The food was glazed and was disgusting and over powering. The owner offered us a free meal which was really appreciated. Turned out there was an error on eatnow so couldn't fault the shop. They handled it extremely professionally and made us feel valued.
  • - - THE GAP - July 2017
  • So happy Red Rooster is now delivering to The Gap! I was hesitant at first, thinking that the chips would be soggy and food, cold, but to my surprise, everything was hot and fresh. I have ordered this three times now and it is always my first choice. I have experienced only one problem so far and that was when they forgot to deliver two items but they went back and got them for me and in addition to that, I was given a couple of extra goodies at no cost, so I was very happy with how they rectified that.
  • - - THE GAP - June 2017
  • Arrived on time, but chips were under done and lukewarm, chicken not hot. Disappointing, since Kelvin Grove store is further away but food always shows up fresh and piping hot. This was like it was from a hotbox. I'll stick with Kelvin Grove from now on. 3 stars just for service.
  • - - BARDON - June 2017
  • - - BARDON - May 2017
  • SO impressed. It was so delivered 15 minutes later, hot, well cooked and very generous size. Not too expensive either. Thoroughly enjoyed this meal and will most definitely order again!
  • - - THE GAP - May 2017
  • - - BARDON - May 2017
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