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5/981 Wanneroo Road, Wanneroo

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Kebab Pizza
5:00pm - 11:00pm
11:00am - 10:00pm
Min. delivery: $19.90 + Delivery Fee
15% off First Time Orders 15% off 1st time Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Meal Deals

15% off First Time Orders 15% off First Time Orders

15% off your first order with this restaurant.

Not valid with any other promotion or special.

Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Ruchy Kebab Curry Pizza offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Meal Deals’ section of the menu for more details.

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15% off First Time Orders

15% off your first order with this restaurant.

Not valid with any other promotion or special.

Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Ruchy Kebab Curry Pizza offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Meal Deals’ section of the menu for more details.

Sunday 5:00pm to 09:00pm
Monday 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Tuesday 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Wednesday 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Thursday 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Friday 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Saturday 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm to 9:00pm
Monday 11:00am to 9:00pm
Tuesday 11:00am to 09:00pm
Wednesday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Thursday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Friday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm to 10:30pm

45 Ruchy Kebab Curry Pizza Reviews

  • Always delicious. The burgers are huge!!!!
  • - - September 2019
  • Best kebabs, healthy and delicious :-)
  • - - August 2019
  • Delicious 😁
  • - - July 2019
  • speedy service, and yummy....
  • - - WANNEROO - July 2019
  • Food arrived hot and on time. The chips were a bit odd, being airy/empty, no potato on the inside, very strange.
  • - - TAPPING - April 2019
  • Kebabs were tasty, but small, and they wanted to charge $1 per kebab for frying off the onion? Customer service was efficient but not particularly friendly and the price was ok.
  • - - March 2019
Darren - MADELEY
  • Kebab was apparently delicious.

    Pizza was large and generous.

    Only complaint is the the peperoni seemed to be of the aged/funky type, and overpowered the pizza
  • - - WANNEROO - February 2019
  • Delicious as always with friendly service :-)
  • - - February 2019
  • - - TAPPING - January 2019
  • Prices were in line with the good quality of food. Did not disappoint. Took a little longer than expected to arrive, but it was the busy part of saturday night. I'd buy them again
  • - - WANNEROO - January 2019
  • Always great food and delivered on time with a smile. The one time there was an error with our meal, a replacement was quickly delivered with no fuss. Very good customer service and a reliable tasty feed - thank you!
  • - - WANNEROO - December 2018
  • Delicious thank you
  • - - December 2018
  • Delicious thank you
  • - - December 2018
  • - - November 2018
  • We always order from Ruchy. Their indian loaded fries are amazing as are the onion bhajis.
    Our last order we ordered a lamb burger and unfortunately the lamb tasted very dried up and old but it didnt put us off ordering again
  • - - HOCKING - October 2018
  • Quick and hassle free. Superb flavour in both curry and pizza. Well done
  • - - TAPPING - October 2018
  • If I could give 0 stars I would. We are very disappointed in the quality and taste we couldn’t finish it as it was that bad. Even the bread one lot was soft other was like cardboard. Wish we didnt spend the money. :(
  • - - BANKSIA GROVE - September 2018
  • Pick up time was stated as 9:45. I arrived at 9:30 to find my order made and dat in front of the deep fryer. They re-made the order however this took another 10 minutes. Point being that if I had arrived at 9:45 the food would have sat there over 20 minutes. Nothing offered in way of compensation. Will not be going back again.
  • - - August 2018
  • Very delicious as always :-)
  • - - WANNEROO - July 2018
  • Great service but the curry was way too watery! Not much flavour because it tasted like water.. not very happy
  • - - BANKSIA GROVE - June 2018
  • - - PEARSALL - June 2018
  • Delicious as always
  • - - WANNEROO - June 2018
  • Food was great, though 10mins later than they estimated.
  • - - June 2018
  • - - April 2018
  • Pizza is awesome. Had the chicken pizza with spinach and feta. Had the vegetarian pizza a few months ago and it has improved dramatically. It may actually be one of the best pizzas around now. Garlic bread also lovely.
    In the past had onion bhaji and butter chicken which I also recommend.
    Well done, guys!
  • - - SINAGRA - March 2018
  • We ordered Hot Sweet potato wedges and when it arrived its just a normal potato wedges and not hot like it says on the menu. They also forgot to include the sauce. Spent almost $50 worth of food and so dissappointed will never order from this shop again.
  • - - BANKSIA GROVE - March 2018
  • - - February 2018
  • Ok butter chicken was ok but very runny and abit spicer then what I expected not much chicken either and chicken Kabab hubby said was ok!! Chips were amazing!
    All over review was ok but yeah

  • - - February 2018
  • - - January 2018
  • Great food, good service and nice people. Highly reccomend!
  • - - January 2018
  • Delish!
  • - - BANKSIA GROVE - December 2017
  • Staff where excellent
    And the food was delicious
    So impressed will definitely be our number one kebab shop
  • - - CARRAMAR - December 2017
  • - - ASHBY - December 2017
  • Tried Ruchy kebab for the first time two weeks ago as we usually drive to Currambine for our kebabs but Wanneroo was more convenient. My husband received great service (he thinks was owner) and our food was delicious! Then last night we ordered again from Eat now and when we turned up our order wasn’t ready which is fine so we waited for 5-10 minutes. My husband was then passed our kebabs but not our chips. When he asked for our chips the guy said you haven’t ordered chips (which we had) and asked for our receipt! Which we obviously didn’t have as the order was done on eat now. He then re checked his order tab and said oh yes I will have to make them now! So as you can imagine our kebabs were going cold which my husband said and was ignored ! We ordered Indian loaded fries and when we got home there was a drizzle of watery curry sauce. We expected loaded which they describe and paid $9 for! Service and food terrible last night so now going to drive back to Currambine.
  • - - November 2017
  • great service! Pizza and wedges were amazing 😁
  • - - BANKSIA GROVE - November 2017
  • ordered the curry deal. there was no lamb dish both were finely cubed chicken pieces and were extremely salty. the onion bhaji were nice but unfortunate the rest of food was too salty to eat.
  • - - November 2017
  • On time, kebab was spot on, meatbox was a great size for the price. Entrees were good.
    Only bad part of the review, not home made pizza bases, store bought. But the pizza toppings and flavour was great.
    With a proper pizza base this would of been a higher review.
  • - - WANNEROO - November 2017
  • - - October 2017
  • - - BANKSIA GROVE - October 2017
  • The delivery driver rang my mobile to ask how to open the front gate ! I told him to push the button....It's not that hard to work out.
  • - - Carramar - October 2017
Jeanette  - WANNEROO
  • Jeanette - - WANNEROO - October 2017
Jessica - SINAGRA
  • Kebab was nice and full. Meat box was the best I have had before, full of meat and not dry :)
    Fast delivery too and always friendly service
  • Jessica - - SINAGRA - October 2017
Jessica - SINAGRA
  • Jessica - - SINAGRA - September 2017
Jessica - SINAGRA
  • Jessica - - SINAGRA - September 2017
  • Delicious and fast service
  • Richard - - WANNEROO - September 2017
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