Oporto - Padstow

120 Fairford Road, Padstow
Burgers Chicken
Does not deliver
8:00am - 11:00pm
Min. delivery: n/a
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1 Oporto - Padstow Reviews

  • Food was up to standard as usual. However, they didn't even see my order! The second time they haven't taken notice of the order coming through, yet I still received a confirmation text saying pick up time was 7:20pm. I drove through drive through (7:25pm) to see if I could pick up my order through there, after repeating myself a billion times through the order machine thingy "Can I pick up my order I made through the EAT NOW app?" they didn't understand what I was saying. Later I figured out it was because they were assuming I was picking up an uber eats order, as they kept telling me, "No come into the store to pick it up". I was salty about having to get out of car when I've picked up an eat now order through drive through before, but I just wanted my food. When I walked in, I was question about uber eats. "No, my EAT NOW ORDER", I told him showing the confirmation text. He turned around and spotted the receipt and tore it off in front of me like it was the first time he knew of this. I just wanted food, so I wasn't gonna make a scene, but I then had to wait for them to make my order and endure him apologising non-stop for his ignorance. I was civil, but was definitely full of rage. If I was anyone else I would've made it obvious that I wasn't happy, but I just wanted food. Since I paid through PayPal I didn't even bother negotiating a discount or refund. I might order from another oporto through Eat Now in the future. 4/5 for food. 0/5 for service. :(
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    665 Pts
    - May 2018
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