Cilantro Indian Cuisine - Truganina

11/211 Leakes Road, Truganina
Indian Halal
5:00pm - 10:30pm
5:30pm - 11:00pm
Min. delivery: $35.00 Delivery Fee: $5.00
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20 Cilantro Indian Cuisine Reviews

  • i never got the food. They accepted my order but when i went there to pick up the food she said we're closed. She was acting like its my fault. Why would you accept an order if you are closed.
  • - - August 2019
  • - - November 2018
  • - - November 2018
  • - - October 2018
  • Good taste and quality food
  • - - October 2018
  • Usually good food but a bit too spicy this time around although I had selected medium.
  • - - September 2018
  • - - TRUGANINA - August 2018
  • - - July 2018
  • - - July 2018
  • - - May 2018
  • It wasn't good food at all.I have received good food in the past and that was the reason to order it again.
    I have ordered paneer chilly which was very hard and chewy and can't feel any indo Chinese test.
    Then ordered paneer curry which was full of spices but without balancing the spices and salt.Last but not the least the simple dal makhani was salty.
    Overall very disappointing and not satisfied with the fooD at all.Waste of money.
  • - - March 2018
  • Highly recommended Cilantro. We never had paneer masala tasty like this. Butter naans are also very soft. Delivery driver is very polite & professional.
  • - - TARNEIT - March 2018
  • - - Truganina - February 2018
  • Fast delivery and food good as usual.
  • - - Truganina - July 2017
  • One of the better Indian food joints. Must try.
  • - - Truganina - May 2017
  • Sent the wrong order, restaurant fixed quickly however;

    The vindaloo was the most tasteless serve of food I have ever eaten, across any cuisine. It tasted like a bit of water with warm chicken in it, and looked like baby poo.

    The rice was just a mush of white.

    The butter chicken was onoly marginally better.

    Did not finish and because I was craving a good curry, have thrown away and reordered from elsewhere.
  • - - WILLIAMS LANDING - May 2017
  • - - May 2017
  • - - April 2017
  • Very nice. More vegetable will be good in dishes. Felt authentic, true Indian food.
  • - - TRUGANINA - April 2017
  • Love the food.
  • - - Truganina - April 2017
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