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161 Hugh Street, Currajong
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7 Noodle Box - Townsville The Lakes Reviews

  • After your last order the food was so delicious we ordered again
  • - - BELGIAN GARDENS - June 2019
  • Took forever to get here almist 2 hours BUT the food is always good. Black bean is the absolute best
  • - - AITKENVALE - February 2019
  • Speed of supplying food was excellent. Well and truly before the indicated time. Food was delicious as always and super convenient to be able to order it on-line.
  • - - December 2018
  • - - May 2018
  • Ordered online for 1st time I grabbed my keys and wallet drove there less then 10 min drive, walked into shop where there 2 people were waiting on orders. I got served straight away my cooked bagged ready to go food which was very nice on top of the fast friendly service..doesn't get easier then this I'm impressed. Only improvement would b a digital screen that u could ready as u walk in saying ur order progression as this would b handy in a shop full of people when it's busy.
  • - - April 2018
  • - - July 2017
  • - - May 2017
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