La Porchetta - North Melbourne

308 Victoria Street, North Melbourne
Italian Pizza Pasta
Does not deliver
5:00pm - 9:45pm
Min. delivery: n/a
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8 La Porchetta - North Melbourne Reviews

  • good food and speedy delivery
  • -
    1270 Pts
    - MELBOURNE - September 2017
  • The delivery was faster than expected, delivery man was very nice and friendly. The fettuccine carbonara I ordered was average, there was no seasoning so it was pretty bland and honestly I've made better pasta. Expected more but would order again as a last option.
  • -
    290 Pts
    - NORTH MELBOURNE - September 2017
  • It took 2 and a half hours o be delivered. Driver did not know where to deliver despite exact address provided. Driver did not know Langham hotel which was a pretty an iconic place. Pizza was cold by the time we got it.
  • -
    35 Pts
    - SOUTHBANK - July 2017
Sharon - KILSYTH
  • Really good pizza! 🍕
  • -
    7345 Pts
    - NORTH MELBOURNE - July 2017
  • -
    1565 Pts
    - MELBOURNE - July 2017
  • Always good food
  • -
    920 Pts
    - July 2017
  • Beautiful food.
  • -
    175 Pts
    - NORTH MELBOURNE - June 2017
  • Terrible....
  • -
    3115 Pts
    - WEST MELBOURNE - March 2017
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