Zambrero - Hillarys

Shop 1A, Sorrento Quay, 28 Southside Dr., Hillarys
10:30am - 9:15pm
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18 Zambrero - Hillarys Reviews

  • Late, but called to say so. Good customer service. Food fresh and great.
  • -
    610 Pts
    - SORRENTO - August 2018
  • Food was cold, but rather nice after reheating
  • -
    35 Pts
    - DUNCRAIG - June 2018
  • The food was limp, cold and tasteless. Not what I’d expect for the price.
  • -
    115 Pts
    - DUNCRAIG - June 2018
  • Super quick and really tasty
    Yum yum
  • -
    275 Pts
    - DUNCRAIG - February 2018
  • fast delivery
  • -
    45 Pts
    - SORRENTO - February 2018
  • -
    610 Pts
    - SORRENTO - January 2018
  • Good food, delivery took a while though. No napkins in the bag.. seems small but makes a difference.
  • -
    265 Pts
    - PADBURY - December 2017
  • Food was excellent and the price is decent for the amount you get. Delivery arrived 20 minutes before estimated and the driver was very pleasant.
  • -
    155 Pts
    - HILLARYS - November 2017
  • Sorry to say but food was smothered in sour cream not just a dollop but heaps when asked for none on some dishes. When called up to question staff were arguing on phone in background. Poor customer Service. Food was also cold. Very disappointed.
  • -
    145 Pts
    - HILLARYS - October 2017
  • All the dishes were delicious
  • -
    1920 Pts
    - PADBURY - September 2017
  • Food was cold
    Nachos were stale
    Bowl was meant to have double rice and beans being a Veg option but it didn't and the rice was burnt.
    No corn salsa on nachos
    No cheese in Burrito

    Very disappointed! wont be ordering again through this store
  • -
    225 Pts
    - PADBURY - August 2017
  • It arrived when it should and the food was very tasty. Unfortunately, my order was not complete and the food was cold, not warm, cold. As a consequence, we had to warm everything in the oven for 15 minutes before we could eat anything. Overall, the phone was good and it arrived when they said it would. A little tweaking and it would be excellent.
  • -
    555 Pts
    - KALLAROO - July 2017
  • -
    115 Pts
    - SORRENTO - May 2017
  • Very poor quality
  • -
    35 Pts
    - MARMION - May 2017
  • -
    35 Pts
    - PADBURY - May 2017
  • -
    150 Pts
    - HILLARYS - April 2017
  • Zanbrero is my goto Mexican. I had a craving but home with a sick baby so delivery- perfect! Food arrived faster than the estimate and nachos topping was seperate container for freshness. I take stars off though as the ordering was confusing. I think i ordered double meat thinking i was just choosing my 1 meat, you can't order sauce on top like instore and with the costs and minimum orders it was hard to not end up with something you don't want, just to ensure you can get it. I think i'll stick to delivery for other foods and go in store for Zanbrero
  • -
    70 Pts
    - SORRENTO - April 2017
  • Really terrible, chewy, bland food. It's a shame, as the staff on the phone, the delivery driver and delivery time were spot on.

    We hadn't eaten from Zambrero before and very disappointed.

  • -
    210 Pts
    - HILLARYS - February 2017
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