Red Rooster - Lismore - Lismore

181 Keen Street, Lismore
11:45am - 1:45pm
5:00pm - 8:45pm
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Sunday 11:45am to 1:45pm
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6 Red Rooster - Lismore Reviews

  • My order was delivery was very quickly
  • -
    65 Pts
    - EAST LISMORE - November 2018
  • Absolutely terrible!!! Cold chips, pathetic excuse of a burger. The garlic bread was still frozen in the middle,the chicken nuggets were barly cooked and the potato gems completely over cooked. we ordered 3 desserts, we got 2 and both weren't what we wanted and we didn't recieve a phone call to ask if we would like a subsititue.
    Still got charged for 3 desserts!!! The only good thing about the whole experience is the fact that we could get delivery...even though it was close to 20 mins late. Wouldn't have been a problem if the food was edible and some what warm. Not happy, certainly won't be supporting red rooster again sadly.
  • -
    185 Pts
    - SOUTH LISMORE - May 2018
  • Sauces for wings missing... again. Chips under cooked... again.
    Sauce and cheese missing from chicken loaded fries.
    Cold gravy.
    Enough is enough. Photos and complaints are being forwarded to Red Rooster management, as this is ongoing with Lismore Red Rooster.
  • -
    685 Pts
    - NORTH LISMORE - April 2018
  • Sorry guys, most of our food ended up in the bin, it was that bad. Anaemic undercooked and soggy chips, dried-up rooster rolls and rippa rolls. If you can’t package the food for delivery so that it arrives in a half-decent state, please don’t bother.
  • -
    680 Pts
    - GOONELLABAH - September 2017
  • Food is great. Website was impossible to communicate with: I tried to place my order with no luck, so I went to Eatnow and cruised through. Never mind, I will get my dinner after all!
  • -
    170 Pts
    - GOONELLABAH - June 2017
  • Forgot my dipping sauce. Everything else was good though.
  • -
    435 Pts
    - LISMORE - June 2017
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