Pizza Hut - Carlingford - Carlingford

322 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford
11:00am - 10:00pm
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Min. delivery: $23.90 Delivery Fee: $5.00
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13 Pizza Hut - Carlingford Reviews

  • Pizza was small compared to other pizza huts and abit too over cooked not enough pepperoni but besides that it was alright nothing special..
  • - - September 2018
  • Well how wrong was I thinking Pizza Hut had picked up their game..??? After a long absesence boycotting Pizza Hut due to their over prized poor quality with hardly any toppings and any cheese, last nights pizza was the last straw..!
    Charging people $13 for some pizza dough with bit of tomato sauce and some pepperoni and spots of cheese colouring. Not to mention this was with Extra cheese!
    Absolutely the one of the worst pizzas I’ve ever had especially for a $13 pizza.
    I usually go to Dominos and pay $10 and get a proper pizza with more toppings and more cheese easily.
    Fortunately due to this EatNow policy or good will gesture they’ve given me $10 credit so I only paid $3 for this pizza and in my opinion that’s all this pizza from Carlingford Pizza Hut is or was worth. And I’m being serious here. I mean honestly how can or could anyone sell pizzas like they and have the conscience to charge the way they do..?
  • - - September 2018
  • - - CARLINGFORD - May 2018
  • Pizza was pretty good but delievery guy arrived 30mins early!! Luckily I just arrived home at 6pm otherwise he would still be wandering around my house or worse taken my pizzas with him.
  • - - CARLINGFORD - May 2018
  • - - CARLINGFORD - April 2018
  • - - CARLINGFORD - March 2018
  • - - CARLINGFORD - March 2018
  • The pizza was delicious and still warm.
  • - - RYDALMERE - March 2018
  • - - OATLANDS - January 2018
  • - - CARLINGFORD - October 2017
  • - - DUNDAS - August 2017
  • - - CARLINGFORD - July 2017
  • - - OATLANDS - March 2017
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