Pizza Hut - Capalaba - Capalaba

131 Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba
11:00am - 10:00pm
Not taking online orders
Min. delivery: $23.90 Delivery Fee: $5.00
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11 Pizza Hut - Capalaba Reviews

  • Pizza was delivered late and was not fresh tasting or hot when it arrived. The crust was over cooked and chewy. Not freshly cooked and crispy. Have tried phoning the store multiple times to discuss this but no one ever answers the phone or returns the call. Very very disappointed again!
  • -
    3250 Pts
    - ALEXANDRA HILLS - June 2018
  • I have attempted to address this with the store. The pizza arrived squashed and damaged. The driver (dressed in a dirty shirt and track pants) just said sorry, sorry, sorry! Then walked away and drove. I attempted to call the store five times that night with no answer. I lodged a complaint online and a rude gentleman from the store phoned who said, his staff were too busy to answer the phone or deal with complaints. Absolutely poor customer service, poor presentation and poor quality product. Very disappointment
  • -
    3250 Pts
    - ALEXANDRA HILLS - May 2018
  • -
    435 Pts
    - SHELDON - February 2018
  • Didn't get my garlic bread or drink,
    Was told it would be 10 minutes away, 30 minutes later it arrived.
    Pizza was already gone, so defeats the purpose!
    Not impressed.
  • -
    915 Pts
    - ALEXANDRA HILLS - September 2017
  • -
    4800 Pts
    - CAPALABA - July 2017
  • -
    330 Pts
    - ALEXANDRA HILLS - June 2017
  • My order arrived at the time that was quoted to me which was good, we preceded to dig in, when i noticed the wings they had given me were the wrong ones. At this point it became difficult. It took nearly half an hour for the store to finally answer the phone. When they did finally answer i told them the problem. I was told driver would be back out to give me ones i ordered and was told to make sure nothing happened to the ones i had as they had to be given back to the driver. 1 hour it took to bring me wings, and of course no one answers the phone. I was about to head the 5 min down the road to go get them myself when the driver finally turned up. And then as if i wasnt annoyed already, i had to cut my own dessert cookie into its 8 pieces. I dont think the delivery is worth $8 to be put through this.

    Overall a bad experience this time round and i may not order from this store again as there is others close by.
  • -
    440 Pts
    - CAPALABA - March 2017
  • Never had a bad order. love these guys.
  • -
    1795 Pts
    - January 2017
  • -
    1795 Pts
    - January 2017
  • -
    330 Pts
    - ALEXANDRA HILLS - January 2017
  • Was good service, although took longer than other providers.
  • -
    300 Pts
    - ALEXANDRA HILLS - December 2016
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