Misty's Diner

765 Gilbert Road, Reservoir
Does not deliver
5:30pm - 8:45pm
Min. delivery: n/a
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9 Misty's Diner Reviews

  • -
    3435 Pts
    - COBURG NORTH - February 2017
  • Great, simply fantastic
  • -
    1485 Pts
    - RESERVOIR - January 2017
  • -
    1250 Pts
    - Fawkner - January 2017
  • Was better than i expected, burger was great arrived earlier than time frame given! little pricey but ok for a special treat everynow and then.
  • -
    3080 Pts
    - PRESTON - December 2016
  • WILL NEVER ORDER FROM HERE AGAIN>>>daughters meal was good but I ordered the philly cheese steak WASNT A SINGLE PIECE OF STEAK AS DESCRIBED BUT DRY THIN SLICES OF SOME TYPE OF BEEF>>couldnt chew it at all..STALE and revouting...rand cafe and told I should know how THE USA MADE THIS said steak which I didnt get...basically told to go and jump off a bridge,,RANG MENULOG who agreed with me...hang on for ages but menulog said they got the same answer and could only say sorry......if this is how they treat their customers with ab genuine complaint...why order through menulog who cant help customer.
  • -
    3075 Pts
    - COBURG - December 2016
  • -
    1020 Pts
    - RESERVOIR - December 2016
  • -
    675 Pts
    - COBURG - December 2016
  • Food was cold and stiff by the time it got here. No drinks delivered with the order. Probably won't even go back there
  • -
    735 Pts
    - RESERVOIR - November 2016
  • Food arrived an hour later than the expected delivery time provided, was going cold and was missing the 2 drinks we ordered.

    That said, it was worth the wait! The food was fantastic! Huge serves, well seasoned and generally delicious. The mac and cheese was an absolute standout.

    We'll be giving them another go in the future and hopefully they'll have sorted their delivery issues by then, because it was otherwise a great meal.
  • -
    3915 Pts
    - PASCOE VALE SOUTH - November 2016
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