Bababoi Kitchen and Bar

Shop 2, 60 Siddeley Street, Docklands
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4 Bababoi Kitchen and Bar Reviews

  • I'm not sure why I went back except that I live nearby and it was convenient.

    The good thing about my order was that it was cooked on time. That's about it.

    The portion size is small. Definitely not enough to share. I ordered the Beef Randang and I'm pretty sure I got the last of it because what I got looked like it was the pan scrapings. I know it was beef because of the taste but it had the consistency of paste. It was also very oily like the cook accidentally spilled the canola into the container but because he'd just scraped the last of the meat from the pan he couldn't start again.

    For some reason they gave me brown rice as my accompaniament. I ordered rice and didn't chose because last time I was given the standard steamed white rice and the Eat Now menu just said 'rice'. It's not a big thing because I don't mind brown rice but I suppose, like the beef, that was what they had left.

    I have been here before and had the Ayum Kapitan. Again, very small portions, very oily and the last time they charged me extra for the rice that was (at the time) supposed to be complimentary.

    I won't be going back unless they put a massive sign out the front (that I can see from my balcony) that says 'new chef, no pan scrapings, David we miss you and we're sorry'
  • -
    1050 Pts
    - September 2017
  • Food took over 2 hours to arrive. And not even an apology when it finally got here. Absolutely ridiculous. Don't bother.
  • -
    655 Pts
    - SOUTHBANK - November 2016
  • I really like the slow cook pork belly. On a cold shilly night, it is my comfort food and I am happy with it. The waiter was friendly and offered me some water while I was waiting for my food.
  • -
    25 Pts
    - July 2016
  • Quick service and good food.
  • -
    125 Pts
    - July 2016
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