Tung Tong Roong Thai

1A Hillcrest Road, Pennant Hills
Thai Salad
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Min. delivery: $30.00 Delivery Fee: $3.00
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Sunday 5:30pm to 8:45pm
Monday 5:30pm to 8:45pm
Tuesday 5:30pm to 8:45pm
Wednesday 5:30pm to 8:45pm
Thursday 5:30pm to 8:45pm
Friday 5:30pm to 8:45pm
Saturday 5:30pm to 8:45pm
Sunday 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Monday 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Tuesday 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Wednesday 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Thursday 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Friday 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Saturday 5:30pm to 10:00pm

6 Tung Tong Roong Thai Reviews

  • Terrible food and slow service plus one of the containers had a long hair in it. Sorry guys but I won’t be ordering again :(
  • -
    1215 Pts
    - THORNLEIGH - January 2018
  • Not too bad!
  • -
    90 Pts
    - CHERRYBROOK - September 2017
  • Our favourite Thai. Always take special care for vegetarians. Tasty and fresh.
  • -
    575 Pts
    - THORNLEIGH - August 2017
  • -
    1645 Pts
    - West Pennant Hills - June 2017
  • Best Thai we've had in ages. Great tasting food. Particularly liked the Goong Kraproa Grob. Beautiful!
  • -
    230 Pts
    - May 2017
  • Food was delicious. Delivered on time. It was a large order and a few items were forgotten, but I rang them and they delivered the missing items without any issue and very fast. Very satisfied customer.
  • -
    500 Pts
    - PENNANT HILLS - April 2017
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