4 / 226 Great Eastern Highway, Midland
5:00pm - 9:45pm
10:00am - 9:30pm
Min. delivery: $35.00 Delivery Fee: $5.00
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19 Kebabelicious Reviews

  • Shocking mixed meat box had no meat and meat lovers pizza was vegetarian
  • -
    880 Pts
    - MIDLAND - July 2017
  • -
    300 Pts
    - MIDDLE SWAN - June 2017
  • Not the best thing ive ever eaten & i dont think the garlic bread was prepared correctly (tasted like raw garlic) the pide was a bit average and sonwas the meatbox, however the wedges were okay and the burger was good.
  • -
    225 Pts
    - MIDLAND - March 2017
  • Worst food out. Supreme pizza tastes like full of curry powder, pide is dry and tasteless, the wedges had sour cream poured on then put in box. So it tasted off and soggy. Waste of hard earns money. Dog even turned up nose!!
  • -
    195 Pts
    - SWAN VIEW - February 2017
  • Promptly delivered but the pide had very little topping. Felafel was one felafel sliced into pieces not the usual crisp fried balls. Lamb was about ten very overcooked cubes. Ordered eggplant dip but got a garlic yoghurt dip. Chips were mixed in with the lamb and were stale. Baklava, Turkish bread, rice and Turkish delight were nice. Disappointing first order from here probably should have gone for a basic kebab or pizza.
  • -
    25 Pts
    - GREENMOUNT - November 2016
  • Decent, but not to my taste unfortunately. Good pricing :)
  • -
    540 Pts
    - STRATTON - October 2016
  • -
    4725 Pts
    - GUILDFORD - September 2016
  • Excellent pizza Jeff
  • -
    4725 Pts
    - GUILDFORD - September 2016
  • -
    1860 Pts
    - SWAN VIEW - August 2016
  • Arrived with in the suggested time frame. Apart from the chips being a touch soggy the order was warm and what I asked for. Tasted great would go back again.
  • -
    75 Pts
    - HERNE HILL - August 2016
  • couosnt
  • -
    1450 Pts
    - MIDLAND - July 2016
  • -
    4725 Pts
    - GUILDFORD - July 2016
  • Lets start with the fish and chips.. Fish was raw and mushy like it had gone directly from the freezer to the fryer, it was inedible and went in the bin, Pizza: cold and not very pleasant in the flavour, I ate 1/2 a piece and the rest went in the bin. Chips: Soggy and cold, they also went in the bin. I called and complained and have been offered a free meal but I don't think I will accept, overall it was a waste of over $30 and we went to bed hungry, I won't go back.
  • -
    1830 Pts
    - CAVERSHAM - June 2016
Clinton - JANE BROOK
  • Great food but more importantly great delivery guys. I have ordered kebabs online before and pretty much get the order thrown at you as they drive off. 5/5 for polite on time delivery staff!
  • -
    600 Pts
    - JANE BROOK - June 2016
  • -
    2265 Pts
    - SOUTH GUILDFORD - June 2016
  • -
    1450 Pts
    - MIDLAND - June 2016
  • -
    4725 Pts
    - GUILDFORD - June 2016
  • -
    4725 Pts
    - GUILDFORD - May 2016
  • Amazing lamb spinach and cheese gozeleme. Kebab was good but I usually prefer my flatbread toasted. Both dishes were really good sizes. Baklava was lacking a little bit of extra syrup. All this said I will definitely order again I would be happy with this for a Friday night regular.
  • -
    675 Pts
    - JANE BROOK - May 2016
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