Robby's Pizza - Craigmore

Shop 15, 170-190 Yorktown Road, Craigmore
Pizza Pasta Italian
4:00pm - 11:00pm
4:00pm - 11:00pm
Min. delivery: $20.00 + Delivery Fee
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Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Robby's Pizza offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Meal Deal’ section of the menu for more details.

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Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Robby's Pizza offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Meal Deal’ section of the menu for more details.

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271 Robby's Pizza Reviews

  • Worse one ever, over loaded with the base tomato paste
  • - - September 2019
  • Awesome and very yummy pizzas and chicken
  • - - SMITHFIELD PLAINS - August 2019
  • - - BLAKEVIEW - August 2019
  • Best one yet!
  • - - August 2019
  • I think this was our first time trying Robby's & it didn't disappoint. Incorrect drink was delivered, but that's nothing major.
  • - - Blakeview - May 2019
  • Nice food, good price
  • - - DAVOREN PARK - April 2019
Anthony - ELIZABETH Park
  • Wow tonight’s pizza was filthy!!! Your delivery driver obviously dropped the pizza in his car and played it off like it was nothing. Got, disgusting. Once was a loyal customer not no more
  • - - ELIZABETH PARK - April 2019
  • garlic bread was burnt ....piza was very dry and burnt at edges sorry will not be ordering again $ 25 in the bin
  • - - CRAIGMORE - March 2019
  • - - CRAIGMORE - March 2019
  • never again ab pack had no salad and chips were oily and nuggets outside oily inside dry and over cooked
  • - - MUNNO PARA - March 2019
  • Pizza was probaly the worst I have had and garlic bread wasn't even bread it was on pizza base and did not taste like garlic will not order again
  • - - ELIZABETH PARK - February 2019
  • didnt get my free garlic bread and drink
  • - - DAVOREN PARK - January 2019
David - Paralowie
  • - - EVANSTON SOUTH - January 2019
  • - - CRAIGMORE - November 2018
  • I've ordered from Robby's on a number of occasions and have been largely pleased with their pizzas and pastas. I don't have many complaints, there was one occasion where they were particularly late delivering some pasta and a salad for my partner, but they were very apologetic and the serving sizes were much larger than usual, which made up for it as far as I was concerned. The delivery staff from Robby's have genuinely been the most polite and friendly staff I have ever encountered ordering food online. I have no issue recommending Robby's, and I will certainly order from them again.
  • - - GAWLER SOUTH - October 2018
  • not happy at all
    burnt over cooked pizza and garlic bread.
    first time order
    and will b the last
  • - - BRAHMA LODGE - October 2018
  • Provided with garlic pizza instead of garlic bread, didn’t receive added mushroom on one of the pizzas
  • - - SAMPSON FLAT - September 2018
  • Arancini & garlic pizza bread were nice but the lettuce in the salad was wilting and the spaghetti in the pasta was soggy/over cooked. Penne pasta would’ve been much nicer but there was no way to request what sort of pasta you wanted e.g. gnocchi, penne, ravioli etc. Havibg an option would be better.
  • - - BLAKEVIEW - September 2018
  • - - CRAIGMORE - September 2018
  • Always good, happy to support a local business
  • - - DAVOREN PARK - September 2018
  • pizza was tasty but ordered the chicken yiros pizza and there was no tabouli on the pizza as stated and the cheesy fries had no ranch dressing as also stated on the menu
  • - - MUNNO PARA WEST - September 2018
  • - - Craigmore - September 2018
Renee - bramha lodge
  • - - BRAHMA LODGE - August 2018
  • Food was cold and didn’t give the free 1.25 bottle of coke which was promised
  • - - DAVOREN PARK - August 2018
  • - - Craigmore - August 2018
  • Unfortunately the food has been overcooked and was 40 minutes late arriving.
    I ordered a chicken parmigiana with chips - we received a chicken schnitzel with chips and all was over fried and almost burnt.
    Also ordered a beef schnitzel with chips which was also over cooked and the schnitzel had shrunk. Lasagna ordered had baking paper stuck between the foil container and food.
    First bad experience from here, very disappointing.
  • - - BRAHMA LODGE - August 2018
  • - - ELIZABETH GROVE - August 2018
  • Ordered 2 types of food. Estimated time arrived but order had not. Another 15 minutes after estimated time, received call - of the two meals, one was unavailable (but it was ordered 1h 15 minutes earlier?).
    Offered a garlic bread but preferred a pizza with extra topping.
    40 minutes later, food arrived. Options we requested removed were removed successfully, however extra topping was underwhelming (1.5 to 2 pieces of specified meat per slice) and housemate felt it wasn't hot.
    Had meals from here before and they've been ok, but over estimated time before any contact, then total almost 2hrs before meal means we won't be ordering here again.
  • - - ANDREWS FARM - August 2018
  • - - MUNNO PARA WEST - August 2018
  • I’ve given them 3 stars because I know Robbie’s pizza can do better - this meal though was disappointing (should be a 1 star) No mustard on cheeseburger pizza. All pizzas were dry and the garlic pizza was over cooked. We think the base recipe and size has changed which might have a lot to do with how dry it was. Hopefully it will be better next time.
  • - - CRAIGMORE - August 2018
  • excellent
  • - - MUNNO PARA WEST - August 2018
  • Fast and HOT
  • - - GAWLER - July 2018
  • Meals were generally disappointing. “Big breakfast” came with a single piece of bacon and the rest of the meal was mostly soggy. Carbonara had very little sauce and was very oily. Avoid.
  • - - GAWLER - July 2018
  • For a $15 schnitzel pack you expect it to be good but nope a small schnitzel with like 6 or 7 chips.. chicken was tough and chips under done.. took one hour and 15 for us to get our delivery.
  • - - MUNNO PARA WEST - July 2018
  • have ordered lots from idk if there's new management or not but it's always been good food large amounts but this time was cold and very little onion rings had like 5 in a pack
  • - - ELIZABETH PARK - July 2018
David - Paralowie
  • not bad, servings could be bigger though. either use smaller container so they look full or fill the ones you have now, not a good look when your meal arrives and the container is half empty....
  • - - Paralowie - July 2018
  • - - MUNNO PARA WEST - July 2018
  • Gave me the wrong drink, when I called up they said they will call me back, never did. I told them we don’t like sprite in this house that’s why we ordered lift!!
  • - - DAVOREN PARK - July 2018
  • First time here and I must say, it’s the nicest pizza around this area. Beautiful base and not as greasy as most. Generous toppings. Prompt delivery - before the time provided. Only minor suggestion would be to make the garlic bread less typically white and stodgy. If it could be more rustic it’d complement the pizza much more. All in all, fantastic place. We’ll be back :)
  • - - MUNNO PARA - July 2018
Renee - bramha lodge
  • - - BRAHMA LODGE - June 2018
  • Paul - - MUNNO PARA WEST - June 2018
  • MArg - - CRAIGMORE - June 2018
  • Don't waste your time. Order came an hour and a half after it was supposed to without as much as an apology for the wait. Food is below average for what you pay.
  • Wayne - - MUNNO PARA - June 2018
  • Pizza was thin and over cooked. cheese burnt. they forgot the garlic bread so they microwaved it. we will go back to our usual pizza place, not eating here again.
  • Christie - - June 2018
  • Took forever for delivery and there was hardly any toppings.
  • Betty - - SMITHFIELD - June 2018
  • Yuk
  • Janae - - PARAFIELD GARDENS - May 2018
  • Stephen - - ONE TREE HILL - May 2018
  • MArg - - CRAIGMORE - May 2018
krystie  - ENFIELD
  • krystie - - DAVOREN PARK - May 2018
  • Delivery time was good however the food was very average and seemed like it was just run-of-the-mill defrost and fry sort of thing that you get when they offer more dishes than they're actually equipped to make well. The pizza customization options in the app were also lacking or hadn't been setup properly-some items couldn't be added (e.g. you can't add chicken to a meat pizza and vice versa) and many default ingredients weren't included in the list of items to be removed like pineapple or olives so depending on your needs, the menu was very limiting and more thought needs to go into the customization options. Would not use again.
  • Shaun - - GAWLER - May 2018
  • MArg - - CRAIGMORE - May 2018
  • Chicken Parmigiana was one of the smallest I've had, It was well cooked though.
  • Brennan - - PARALOWIE - May 2018
  • Jesse - - DAVOREN PARK - May 2018
  • Brennan - - PARALOWIE - April 2018
  • Jesse - - DAVOREN PARK - April 2018
  • cameron - - ELIZABETH SOUTH - April 2018
  • Good burgers but need to be able to order plain hot chips as a side.
  • Darren - - SALISBURY NORTH - April 2018
  • Best seafood pizza I've had in a long time.
  • Damian - - PARALOWIE - April 2018
  • Brennan - - PARALOWIE - April 2018
  • Terrible, first and foremost the aracini balls are not even traditional balls, while they are huge, they are not the proper stuff. the cheesy bacon fries basically had no cheese on it. the mozerally sticks and pizza was good. Then for dessert the kinder surprise pizza had no kinder on it, was like a banana pizza instead, I made comments to the facebook page and got a "oh sorry, we hope you enjoy your next experience, no offer to replace anything wrong. These guys are the worst, and you can see on my eat now points I am just shy of 10000 .. i emplore you to NEVER order from this business, you will waste $60 and get a "maybe next time" response.. poor poor poor.
  • Paul - - ANDREWS FARM - April 2018
  • Waited way after the eta and food was cold when it arrived... tried to call to see what was going on but the line was always “busy” every time I tried to ring.. onion rings and chips were soggy. Parmi was tiny but did taste good I’ll give them that but the size was really disappointing. Not worth it, and poor service. wouldn’t buy from here again. Sorry.
  • Sarah - - SALISBURY DOWNS - April 2018
  • pizza was amazing, delivery service was outstanding, I would recommend and will be returning.
  • Ryan - - ELIZABETH NORTH - April 2018
  • Robyn - - MUNNO PARA WEST - April 2018
  • Chris - - April 2018
  • Brennan - - PARALOWIE - April 2018
  • Ordered a lamb yiros pizza (party meal deal) and cheesy bacon fries. lamb yiros pizza was over cooked (almost burnt) and came with no tzatziki sauce on it. the cheesy bacon fries were very nice but almost cold when they arrived and burnt in some places too.
    Very well priced and quick delivery, shame about the food.
  • Kirsten - - BRAHMA LODGE - April 2018
  • Jesse - - DAVOREN PARK - April 2018
  • BArb - - ELIZABETH - April 2018
  • Rebekkah - - CRAIGMORE - March 2018
  • Robby's recently changed their menu and this was the third disappointing order I've placed in a row. I'd been hoping it was all just teething issues, but now I'm not so sure.

    They estimated an hour for delivery - it took an hour and twenty minutes. And they'd had to substitute one of our items but didn't even bother to call to see if what they were substituting in was something we'd want.
    My previous order from them was over half-an-hour late as well (from an estimate that was already over an hour).

    Whilst some of the new pizzas have been delicious, different shifts seem to be cooking from different recipes - the peri-peri chicken pizza we got last night had little resemblance to the one we got a week or so ago. The new taco pizza is pretty good. The pepperoni has gone from one of my favourites to inedible. The new pumpkin one's good too.

    I really do hope that it's just teething issues, I'm not ready to give up on Robby's yet but one or two more orders like the past few and I will be.
  • Daniel - - ELIZABETH PARK - March 2018
  • Good value option for a fast feed. Nothing too special and the changes in management have affected the quality somewhat. Still a good option, especially when sticking just to their pizza.
  • Ben - - ELIZABETH DOWNS - March 2018
  • Pizza bases were hard and not nice (almost like a frozen base)
    The pizzas had alot of topings but still tasted bland

    Garlic bread and aranchini was not bad tho
  • Allen-paul - - ANDREWS FARM - March 2018
  • i ordered at 10:50pm and the food was at my door by 11:25pm and everything was warm. got a parmi and some mozzarella sticks and everything was perfect! Super nice driver. Try it out!!
  • Felicity - - ELIZABETH GROVE - March 2018
  • amy - - DAVOREN PARK - March 2018
  • Awesome food right on time , chicken and avocado pizza was amazing
  • jessica - - March 2018
  • 80 min wait for ribs and wings and then it ended up being 35 mins late on top of that, also the meat was sticking to the chicken bone, it was undercooked, and 25 dollars is too pricey for the ribs.
  • Brian - - BLAKEVIEW - March 2018
  • The food was cold, dry, tasteless and rather disgusting I had half a piece of each pizza and a fork full of pasta and the rest of the order went in the bin!
  • Cristie - - Paralowie - March 2018
  • Very disappointed. I ordered at 6:30, and they called me at 8:30 and said it had some delay, and the delivery guy was just leave. I finally got my food at 9! (After that, I checked the restaurant just 15min away from my home)
    It take 2.5hrs for waiting the food with ‘just OK’ quality. Never and ever reorder again?
  • Yoki - - GAWLER SOUTH - March 2018
  • Ordered a cheese pizza and it came burnt as anything.
    next time just give it to people raw.
  • Ashleigh - - SALISBURY - March 2018
  • Fast delivery and yummy food.. will buy from here again :)
  • Amy - - ELIZABETH DOWNS - March 2018
  • Nigel - - CRAIGMORE - March 2018
  • yummy
  • emily - - ELIZABETH PARK - March 2018
  • my goodness that was bad
  • Melissa - - salisbury - March 2018
  • amy - - DAVOREN PARK - March 2018
  • Leese - - March 2018
  • Good value deal but the quality of the food is a bit hit and miss. Pasta was great, full of flavour and very tasty, more pasta than any other ingredient though. Thai chips were tasty, could have been more in the serve though as container was half empty. Pizza was disappointing, there was a great amount of topping but the base was very dry and it seemed as if there was no yeast or something because it was more like biscuit than bread. They also need to employ another delivery driver as that one is very rude. Doesn't answer when you speak to him, doesn't even smile just pushes your door completely open and hands the stuff to you. Very unprofessional. Will be giving it a long consideration before ordering from there again.
  • M - - PARALOWIE - March 2018
  • Ben - - ELIZABETH DOWNS - March 2018
  • They gave us the wrong order
    We ordered a veal schnitzel and got a paramgana
    And a chicken Yirous pizza and got a lamb yirous
    But the food was nice
  • sara - - SALISBURY EAST - March 2018
  • delicious chicken parmigiana, dessert pizza was awesome too.
    Was delivered before the time given and super friendly delivery.
    5 stars well earned
  • Nathan - - BURTON - March 2018
  • i dont normally leave reviews but your Chicken Parmy was the best one ive had in years from anywhere. cooked to perfection and the wings were the same, cant wait till my next order.
  • Jake - - PARALOWIE - March 2018
  • Delivery girl was hot but the pizza was pritty 😓
  • jason - - SALISBURY NORTH - February 2018
  • sarah - - CRAIGMORE - February 2018
  • Order was 1hr 15 mins late. Chips were very soggy and cold. Donut desert was burnt. Incorrect drink was delivered with order (ordered coke, got coke zero).
  • Bruce - - PARAFIELD GARDENS - February 2018
  • Food was ok but it did take 2 hours.
  • Brennan - - PARALOWIE - February 2018
  • 30 minutes late and food wasn't too nice
  • Fabian - - SALISBURY EAST - February 2018
  • MArg - - February 2018
  • Quick to deliver
  • Michael - - CRAIGMORE - February 2018
  • Food quality is poor, horrible customer service and slow arrival (even living two minutes away). My family and I used to love this place but in the past month or two, overall quality has dropped immensely. We won’t be buying from here anymore.
  • Serafina - - CRAIGMORE - February 2018
  • Great food and fast!
  • Paul - - SMITHFIELD - January 2018
  • amy - - DAVOREN PARK - December 2017
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