Rustica Cucina

333 Balcombe Road, Beaumaris
Italian Pizza Salad
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Min. delivery: $20.00 Delivery Fee: $3.50
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Some BEAUMARIS food fiends ordered from here 5 hours ago


13 Rustica Cucina Reviews

  • -
    1390 Pts
    - BEAUMARIS - May 2018
  • -
    1875 Pts
    - BLACK ROCK - October 2017
  • Not recommended. Very average, like a Pizza Hut pizza. Not gourmet at all.
  • -
    190 Pts
    - BEAUMARIS - August 2017
  • Would rate as just ok. Ordered a spinach salad and got a garden salad without a piece of spinach to be seen. Veal saltimbocca had dried sage flakes instead of fresh and matriciana pasta was bland and pasta undercooked. Caprese salad made with standard tomatoes not Roma. Maybe I'm too fussy.
  • -
    2040 Pts
    - BLACK ROCK - August 2017
  • Great pizza! fresh, nice crust, nice toppings, was awesome! Nutella pizza is awesome
  • -
    1600 Pts
    - MENTONE - July 2017
  • -
    270 Pts
    - PARKDALE - July 2017
  • -
    270 Pts
    - PARKDALE - July 2017
  • Just amazing as always
  • -
    1200 Pts
    - MENTONE - June 2017
  • -
    100 Pts
    - CHELTENHAM - November 2016
  • Quality of this pizza is amazing! My new favorite place
  • -
    325 Pts
    - MENTONE - November 2016
  • -
    1560 Pts
    - PARKDALE - July 2016
  • Absolutely delicious Pizzas. The best I've had for a long time. I don't eat Pizza a lot but from now on this will be the only place I'll be getting mine from. Thankyou Rustica Cucina.
  • -
    1200 Pts
    - MENTONE - June 2016
  • Delivery man doesn't speak English, I paid online and when I went to close the door he pushed it back open and started to enter my home yelling "Money,money!" He got the point when I repeatedly started yelling "I paid online", apologized and left. But that's totally not cool!! I was so shaken afterwards that it completely put me off my food.
    I was home alone with a stranger entering my home!! If my bf wasn't at work your diver would've gotten a hiding
  • -
    6940 Pts
    - PARKDALE - May 2016
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