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281 Malee Thai - Highton Reviews

  • - - HIGHTON - July 2019
  • - - ST ALBANS PARK - June 2019
  • - - May 2019
  • Pad Thai was great, Red Curry was delicious. The spring rolls and curry puffs arrived soggy due to being in a plastic container.. Would be better if they were in a paper bag so they stay crispy.
  • - - HAMLYN HEIGHTS - April 2019
  • Delicious food. Delivered quickly. I would never buy Thai food anywhere else.
  • - - HIGHTON - March 2019
  • not my kind of food, was ok but hot.. Pork was a bit tough
  • - - HIGHTON - February 2019
  • - - BELMONT - January 2019
  • - - NEWCOMB - January 2019
  • I order deep fried barramundi fish. They out together with the sauce it was soggy when it arrived
  • - - MARSHALL - December 2018
  • We normally really enjoy our takeaway from Malee Thai however this time the salad we ordered was not up to par. Salad was wilted as was kept with the hot food. Suggest Malee Thai keeping your hot and cold dishes seperate.
  • - - December 2018
  • The roti was small and due to dietary requirements we couldn’t have the peanut sauce that it comes with, which would have been good to know when ordering because that wasn’t made clear. They seemed to ignore requested spice levels. Not great value and there’s better tasting Thai in Highton so probably won’t go back.
  • - - November 2018
  • - - BELMONT - November 2018
  • - - Belmont - November 2018
  • Delicious as always
  • - - HIGHTON - October 2018
  • Massaman chicken curry and Pad Satay chicken were great: tasty, cooked just right. For 'medium spicy' was a bit light on the heat. Pad Thai pork had great flavour but pork was overcooked.
    Good value, prompt service with delivery 20 minutes ahead of expected. Food nice and hot on arrival. Would be happy to order again.
  • - - GROVEDALE - September 2018
  • It was good, but servings were small for price, especially the Roti Bread.
  • - - BELMONT - September 2018
  • - - HIGHTON - September 2018
  • Usually pretty good, not tonight... half the order was wrong and asked for mild, everything was spicy as hell
  • - - GEELONG - August 2018
  • Always super tasty!
  • - - HIGHTON - August 2018
  • My only complaint is the Chicken Satay sticks were VERY small compared to other restaurants and do not represent value for money.
  • - - NEWTOWN - July 2018
  • - - BELMONT - July 2018
  • Excellent food. Text after ordering said 1 hour but food took 1 hour 45 minutes to deliver. Was Friday night.
  • - - HIGHTON - June 2018
  • Fabulous. Loved the satay. Will definitely be ordering from here again.
  • - - June 2018
  • The food once received was good but the service was chaotic - we waited 75 minutes for our order! I was close to cancelling. The customer after me did cancel.
  • - - May 2018
  • - - HIGHTON - April 2018
  • - - HIGHTON - March 2018
  • - - NEWTOWN - March 2018
  • - - February 2018
  • Great food . Did ask for mild specifically .
    However they arrived at least a moderate spice level which was a downer .
  • - - WANDANA HEIGHTS - January 2018
  • Food was tasty and great value for money.
    Order arrived on time and was still nice and hot on arrival.
  • - - HIGHTON - January 2018
  • - - January 2018
  • Coconut Rice & Red Curry were beautiful. Entrees let the side down unfortunately- as did the time it took to deliver. Busy time of year, I understand. But the restaurant even called to pressure me into picking up, instead of home delivery. Would definitely eat here again to see if this is the norm or out of the usual.
  • - - HIGHTON - December 2017
  • Ready in great time, good quality food and generous portions
  • - - November 2017
  • - - HIGHTON - November 2017
  • No stars. Ordered 7:30. Delivery estimate 8:40. Arrived 9:35. When I rang the restaurant after 8:40 they gave incorrect delivery updates, saying it will be 15 minutes until it should get there, then 10 minutes. My guests went home hungry.
  • - - GEELONG - November 2017
Georgie - Camberwell
  • Delivered quickly, food was still piping hot! Ordered a yellow curry, Tom yum and a jasmine rice, perfect quantity for two people. Only consideration for next time would be to specify spiciness as the default spiciness level was pretty full on!
  • - - BELMONT - November 2017
  • Great taste in all dishes
  • - - Highton - October 2017
  • - - October 2017
  • Red curry. Really nice. Great coconut rice.
  • - - October 2017
  • - - WAURN PONDS - September 2017
  • Michelle - - HIGHTON - September 2017
  • MIchelle - - September 2017
  • Amelia - - September 2017
  • Ignatius Eric - - GEELONG - September 2017
  • The battered prawns were crispy, but very oily and for the first time I felt the prawns were not as fresh as usual. Garlic pepper calamari in ginger sauce was amazing as usual. Spring rolls were delicious and crispy. The Tuptim special was very nice, but again the prawns were not fresh and the mussels were chewy. The Roti bread was nice, but a very small serve for $5. Delivery time was fine. but the quality versus value was a little debateable on 3 out of 5 dishes as top rates are charged
  • JULIE - - GROVEDALE - September 2017
  • Voltaire - - BELMONT - September 2017
  • Kerry - - BELMONT - August 2017
  • Fantastic... Thank you.. Will defineately be ordering from here next time I feel like something extr special!
  • Lea - - BELMONT - August 2017
  • Spring rolls are great as always. Battered prawns are lovely, but need to go in a paper bag as the plastic container makes the batter soggy for delivery. The garlic pepper Calamari in ginger sauce I would recommend to everyone, just amazing. I was disappointed with soft shell crab in mild yellow curry. The curry was lovely, but the crab had a bitter taste and was way too spicey for a mild serve. I'll have to keep trying different things on the menu.
  • JULIE - - GROVEDALE - July 2017
  • Chris - - BELMONT - July 2017
  • Amy - - July 2017
  • Kimberly - - BELMONT - June 2017
  • Amelia - - June 2017
  • Spring rolls were lovely although I noticed a difference in crispness compared to other orders and it was due to being put one on top of the other in the bag rather than side by side. The last two on the bottom were not crispy at all.
    The crispy prawns were nice and crispy, but I still prefer the battered ones for flavour.
    The Garlic Pepper calamari in ginger sauce was amazing as usual.
    The stuffed squid had no dressing. It was then that I realised that one of the two dipping sauces provided should probably have gone on this dish, but as I got two entrees. I expected two dipping sauces as I had received in the past. I did add the remainder of the sauce to the dish, but I still found it very dry and it only had salad with it and the dressing didn't spread that far, so undressed salad.
    The coconut rice was just rice with desiccated coconut. I guess I expected it would be cooked in coconut milk. Desiccated coconut is very difficult to digest in large quantities.
  • JULIE - - GROVEDALE - June 2017
  • The battered prawns are huge and taste amazing, batter is soggy. Garlic pepper calamari in ginger sauce has a delicious flavour, the calamari is cooked perfectly and the salad is very refreshing. Traditional fried rice was a let down very weak flavour and a small serve at $14. Spring rolls were tasty and crispy. The Tuptim seafood special has a great flavour. Most of the seafood was lovely, but the mussels were chewy. All in all a great meal and well above average.
  • JULIE - - GROVEDALE - June 2017
  • I ordered the chicken curry puffs, the pastry was lovely and the filling was a pleasant surprise and the peanut sauce was great. Next were the battered prawns, they were huge, fresh and very tasty. I would suggest that the containers for this dish need to be aerated so that the batter remains crisp rather than soggy. Then I had the chicken rice noodle soup and it was lovely, just what I needed when feeling a little under the weather, however it was very salty. The Garlic Pepper Calamari in ginger sauce was amazing, lovely seafood and a great flavour. Last was the special fried rice with chicken and prawns. The dish cost $17 for a regular take away container and with only one prawn a small amount of chicken and a few mixed veggies and quite bland flavour, when compared to other dishes ordered was a disappointment for this dish. The delivery was on time and I will be reordering from this restaurant in the near future as the general food quality and taste was above average.
  • JULIE - - GROVEDALE - June 2017
  • First time ordering and it was delicious
  • Marissa - - April 2017
  • Food is beautiful but takeaway Peking duck was slim on ingredients and heavy on sauce. Also need to check the rice- love their coconut rice but last order not very tasty and at the restaurant with friends had to get a new batch as it was plain not coconut. They took both bowls but only returned 1. Put in the awkward position of then having to ask for a refund. Would still not hesitate to go back
  • Krista - - April 2017
  • Sonya - - February 2017
  • Good food, a little small portions.
  • Lorraine Lester - - January 2017
  • Delicious food, not too spicy, not too mild, but if you're a fan of Roti... order more than one... spall portion sizes of roti compared to other places, and more expensive.
  • Edwin - - December 2016
  • On time as indicated and the food was outstanding.
  • William - - HIGHTON - December 2016
  • Chiara - - November 2016
  • Max - - October 2016
  • I received my order this evening - the Larb salad, but it was awful. It smelt terribly and I threw it out immediately. I don't know if it it supposed to smell so bad but I couldn't eat it. I usually love dining at Malee Thai but unfortunately this wasn't a great meal!
  • Danika - - October 2016
  • Chiara - - October 2016
  • Thank you for such Fantastic, Fresh and tasty Thai.The best we all have had.😊
  • Virginia - - HIGHTON - October 2016
  • Robert - - HIGHTON - September 2016
  • Normally we're very happy with our orders from Malee Thai, but last night's order didn't quite match up to the standard that we've gotten used to from them.
    And the crab dish priced at $25 doesn't match up to its description or value.
    Will still be coming back in the future though.
  • Loxton - - HIGHTON - September 2016
  • Robert - - HIGHTON - September 2016
  • Was faster than promised but average food. Really didn't like the jungle curry, and the roti was pathetic for the price.
  • Kate - - BELMONT - September 2016
  • Amelia - - August 2016
  • Best Thai in Geelong. Dine in is lovely, home delivery is fantastic too! Highly recommend :)
  • Simon - - HAMLYN HEIGHTS - August 2016
  • Yum! Super fast. Was definitely ready before i got there. Crispy chicken is great, as were the curries!
  • Shane - - August 2016
  • Value for money was poor as in the amount we got for the price. Prawn batter was soggy due to sitting in closed container all steamed up. Too much sauce not enough meat! Speed good. Quality/taste overall was good. Wouldn't buy at full price, as it is very expensive for the amount you receive!
  • Aaron - - August 2016
  • The staff/delivery drivers are always very pleasant and nice to order with, and the food makes me think of when I was back in Chang Mai. Yum food.
  • Loxton - - HIGHTON - July 2016
  • Lynda - - June 2016
Liam - Newtown
  • Good, tasty food and great service
  • Liam - - June 2016
  • Amelia - - June 2016
Liam - Newtown
  • Liam - - June 2016
  • Ashleigh - - June 2016
  • Great food! Roti bread a little on the expensive side for a very small portion, but other than that, it was great! Will order again!
  • Jess - - HIGHTON - June 2016
  • Sarah - - HIGHTON - June 2016
  • Amelia - - June 2016
  • Amelia - - May 2016
  • Such delicious food!! Ready in time and great value.
  • MIchelle - - May 2016
  • Amelia - - May 2016
  • Delicious, fresh vegies + perfect sauce.
  • reuben - - May 2016
  • Loxton - - HIGHTON - May 2016
  • Nice as always. Arrived quickly, friendly delivery guy, flavoursome food.
  • Loxton - - HIGHTON - April 2016
  • Krista - - April 2016
  • First-time discount was a great incentive. Food was good, delivery prompt and polite.
  • Mark - - HIGHTON - April 2016
  • Great food.
  • Lorraine Lester - - April 2016
  • Mia - - April 2016
  • Loved all the meals.
  • Lorraine Lester - - April 2016
  • Unfortunately this was a big let down. I threw it straight in the rubbish. Vegetables were way over cooked.
  • Kathleen - - HIGHTON - April 2016
  • The phone no. was not Highton also they did not receive our online order. We had to reorder over the phone. Food was very nice.
  • Lorraine Lester - - April 2016
  • EatNow comment: "Thank you for your review. Unfortunately EatNow has failed to follow the correct process and have posted the incorrect restaurant details. This is a system related fault and as such EatNow would like to sincerely apologise to the Restaurant and Customer for the inconvenience this has caused. The issue has now been rectified."
  • Terrible experience. Left items out of my delivery order and failed to bring change even though I stated I would pay cash, so I was forced to pay more. When I phoned to say items had been forgotten and change not given they said they'd return. Upon returning the missing items were provided but STILL no change provided! The phone number on the app is also wrong and goes to another store. Never again. Thumbs down.
  • Erin - - MANIFOLD HEIGHTS - April 2016
  • Restaurant comment: "Thank you for your review. We apologise for the issues with your order and hope that you would reconsider ordering from us again. We have spoken with the staff to rectify the issues and our Store Manager will be in touch with you to discuss further.

    In relation to the incorrect details on our site;
    Unfortunately EatNow has failed to follow the correct process and have posted the incorrect restaurant details. This is a system related fault and as such EatNow would like to sincerely apologise to the Restaurant and to you the Customer for the inconvenience this has caused. The issue has now been rectified."
  • Delivery was early, always a plus! And the delivery guy read back the order to confirm before leaving, which is something that gives me a lot of faith that the business cares about getting things right.
    Food was piping hot and fresh! Everything was flavoursome, well cooked, and filling.
  • Loxton - - HIGHTON - April 2016
  • Meals were visually appealing and tasted amazing. Prompt and friendly service. 'Aussie' items on kids menu were great for my non-cultured brood! Definitely coming back.
  • Kylie - - BELL PARK - April 2016
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