Mad Mex Norwest - Baulkham Hills

Shop T21, Norwest Marketown, 4 Century Circuit, Baulkham Hills
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5 Mad Mex Norwest Reviews

  • -
    355 Pts
    - February 2019
  • -
    55 Pts
    - September 2017
  • the order was missing ingredients i had asked and paid for.
  • -
    155 Pts
    - May 2017
  • Ordered online for pick up. Quesadilla was badly presented, had no Cheese, Lettuce, Salsa or anything, just loads of Onions and a bit of chicken - NARSTY!
  • -
    25 Pts
    - August 2016
  • My first time order with this company: Also my last... and also you wont heard from my 9 secretaries.

    Background: I am experienced in knowing Mexican style food

    I shared the 10 Burritos with all the secretaries here at work.

    Eaten within minutes of pickup, mine fell apart and every bite saw more rice and beans squirt out. It made a god-awful mess everywhere... Required a vacuum of the floor. Lumps of black beans at one end Lumps of chicken at the other... no evenness of distribution..

    The girls all reported the same.... and these cost $10 EACH ?

    Seriously... an awful experience which I will be sure to share with friends and colleagues.

    Please do not contact me.

    A one star rating is 0.9999 of a star too much

  • -
    325 Pts
    - July 2016
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