Pizza Capers - North Ward - North Ward

Shop 2/71 Eyre Street, North Ward
Pizza Pasta Dessert Ice Cream Gluten Free Italian
5:00pm - 9:00pm
4:30pm - 9:00pm
Min. delivery: $25.00 Delivery Fee: $6.00
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15 Pizza Capers - North Ward Reviews

  • Great pizza and salad delivered well before expected will definitely use again
  • - - NORTH WARD - June 2018
  • - - Lawnton - May 2018
  • - - GARBUTT - March 2017
  • I ordered a pizza while waiting before my ferry. Called to let the Pizza Capers know that is was important it should be on time. Had perfect service. They even tried to deliver my pizza earlier and succeeded. Thank you so much! :)
  • - - TOWNSVILLE - March 2017
  • Great taste and value
  • - - SOUTH TOWNSVILLE - February 2017
  • - - GARBUTT - December 2016
  • - - GARBUTT - November 2016
  • Food that arrived was good, but was missing a $7 salad & driver didn't have enough change.
  • - - TOWNSVILLE CITY - July 2016
  • - - TOWNSVILLE - July 2016
  • - - TOWNSVILLE - June 2016
  • - - NORTH WARD - March 2016
  • - - SOUTH TOWNSVILLE - December 2015
  • - - SOUTH TOWNSVILLE - November 2015
  • excellent, the only thing I didn't enjoy was the salad dressing (was to salty).
  • - - SOUTH TOWNSVILLE - November 2015
  • First ordered Pizza in 20 years made me remember why I don't like pizza. To get anything like a decent meal that tastes like the toppings, you have to add at least 3 extra of every ingredient and, by then, you'll have spent enough to buy a really good meal in a really good restaurant. ALL pizza toppings are so miniscule that they rarely even touch the tongue in an quantity enough to give flavour. My homemade pizzas are layered, not topped. Gives me something to chew on.

    However, Pizza Capers and were great. I had some delivery instructions and it was nice to be able to type them in rather than rely on a busy person on the phone to get it right (and if they're not on the phone, they can be making pizzas, right?). The instructions were followed to the letter and the pizzas arrive on time and steaming hot. They were clearly fresh and well made and there were no mistakes with our variations. I cannot fault the process or the product in any way.
  • - - TOWNSVILLE CITY - November 2015
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