Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill - Castle Towers

11/6-14 Castle Street, Castle Hill
Does not deliver
Not taking online orders
Min. delivery: n/a
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Sunday 11:00am to 9:00pm
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1 Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill - Castle Towers Reviews

  • I placed my order 3 hours in advance for an 8pm pick up. When we arrived to pick up the restaurant said the docket that I had put through didn't bring up successfully, so they hadn't made the order. I did not receive a phone call letting me know that the order was unsuccessful. We had to wait till 8:50 for the order to be finished. If you're offering an online ordering system you would think that they would have a way to look up the order on a computer screen if the docket doesn't print up properly. Very unsatisfied more with the restaurant than with the service.
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