Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill - Hay Street

6/777 Hay St, Perth
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10:30am - 5:00pm
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7 Mad Mex Fresh Mexican Grill - Hay Street Reviews

    They took my money!! I have literally called this place for 40 minutes NO ANSWER?? I wanted to cancel my order because my car broke down and I’m not able to pick it up now I’m charged $25 and I have no food it’s ridiculous how hard is it to answer a phone call
  • -
    65 Pts
    - September 2018
  • awesome mexican food.
  • -
    95 Pts
    - February 2017
  • -
    800 Pts
    - January 2016
  • -
    800 Pts
    - January 2016
  • I ordered 10 minutes ahead and rode my bike down there. I had to line up anyway and wait to get the attention of the staff.
    He seemed to make quite a show of pulling my food out of some cupboard down the end of the counter, and putting it into brown paper bags.

    I arrived home 5 minutes later, as I live in the same street. It was all ptetty cold. I am not sure whether it was hot at any stage.

    I had ordered two burritos and 1 nachos. The burrito was mainly rice and was fairly disappointing. The nachos were covered in a liquid cheese product, not the stretchy delight I had in mind. Despite being cold, the liquid cheese had not set. I found it quite disconcerting. I suspect that it was not truly cheese.

    You will have to bring your own bag if you walk or cycle. I did ask for a plastic bag but the gentleman behind the counter did not have any. So it was a balancing act on the ride home.

    To really make it a good experience, I would have a different ratio of rice to beans and beef. I had to eat half the burrito to get to anything that wasn't gluggy starch. No love went into it. That's clear. The liquid cheese would be replaced with a stretchier variant. The food would be hot.

    I actually got a craving for mexican after seeing a chimichanga on the internet. It is uncommon to find deep-fried burritos in Perth so I just ordered a beef, rice, and black bean burrito.

    I think it's pizza next time.
  • -
    160 Pts
    - December 2015
  • -
    1565 Pts
    - May 2015
  • Takeaway food was not served piping hot. 2 mins later back at office it was stone cold.
  • -
    50 Pts
    - May 2015
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