Mr Pizza and Kabab - Para Hills West

Shop 3, 65 Kesters Road, Para Hills West
Italian Pizza Middle Eastern Pasta Dessert Burgers Ribs Salad
3:30pm - 12:30am
3:30pm - 12:30am
Min. delivery: $20.00 + Delivery Fee
25% off First Time Orders 25% off 1st time Free item over $50 Free item over $50 Free item over $75 Free item over $75 Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Meal Deals

25% off First Time Orders 25% off First Time Orders

25% off your first order with this restaurant.

Not valid with any other promotion or special.

Free item over $50 Free item over $50

Receive FREE Garlic Bread when you spend over $50.

Not valid with any other promotion or special, the order total (not including delivery fee) must be over $50.

Free item over $75 Free item over $75

Receive FREE Garlic Bread & Drink (1.25 Liter) when you spend over $75.

Not valid with any other promotion or special, the order total (not including delivery fee) must be over $75.

Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Mr Pizza and Kabab offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Specials’ section of the menu for more details.

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25% off First Time Orders

25% off your first order with this restaurant.

Not valid with any other promotion or special.

Free item over $50

Free Garlic Bread

Not valid with any other promotion or special, the order total (not including delivery fee) must be over $50.

Free item over $75

Free Garlic Bread & Drink (1.25 Liter)

Not valid with any other promotion or special, the order total (not including delivery fee) must be over $75.

Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Mr Pizza and Kabab offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Specials’ section of the menu for more details.

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1537 Mr Pizza and Kabab Reviews

  • food was cold and 2 hours late would not recommend
  • - - SMITHFIELD PLAINS - September 2019
  • Pizza was cold and they wouldn’t leave the pizza for my son at the door

    I will never use again
  • - - CRAIGMORE - September 2019
  • Wasn’t ready when they said it would be and taste was average. Won’t be using again.
  • - - August 2019
  • - - BRAHMA LODGE - August 2019
  • normally I really enjoy mr pizza and kebab but I feel they have changed owners as the pizzas have changed completely. well over cooked and toppings have changed. will not be ordering again.
  • - - GREENWITH - August 2019
  • Pizza just tasted boring, though the cheesy garlic bread was impressive.
  • - - PARA HILLS WEST - August 2019
  • Needs to stop being so good hahaha loved it.
  • - - PARA VISTA - August 2019
  • Pizza was ok. Only just warm and 30 mins late.
  • - - NORTHFIELD - August 2019
  • - - BRAHMA LODGE - August 2019
  • I would like to put down my experience as just simply, "Mr Pizza and Kebab" were having a bad day when I made my order. If only it was that easy.

    My order arrived over 2hrs late and they failed to communicate to me that their oven had broken down and my order would be delayed substantially. When the food arrived, it was cold... I mean really cold... They also ran out of the additional toppings I had added to my order so the pizzas were ultra-unremarkable. In addition to this colossal calamity, the Chicken wings, they sent over were cold and inedible. The Substandard food went hand in hand with their substandard customer service. Even when complaining about these demonic occurrences, they offered a refund on just the Chicken wings "ONLY" but they never showed up with the promised refund. They Even messed up my drink order as well. I ordered Fanta they gave me coke (which I'm not a fan of) and they gave me a complimentary bottle of "COKE" for my troubles.

    I found this to be the most frustrating takeaway order of my life and a quiet night in was ruined by "Mr Pizza and Kebab". Will I order from them again? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! I don't know how they are on other days but on that day they were very unprofessional and exhibited a very low standard of integrity as well as basic courteously in regards to customer care which is definitely bad business.
    I just can't find anything positive about this experience and to be honest, I felt and still feel like I was swindled.
  • - - GREENACRES - July 2019
  • Took an hour and a quarter to deliver AB and a Yiros. Both meals were tiny and way overpriced for the quantity. Will not use again.
  • - - NORTHGATE - June 2019
  • Ordered 2 pizzas to be delivered - i got a text to say they would take 1 hour - however they took 2 hours and 20 minutes to arrive. When I called the shop to double check they had received my order the phone rang out multiple time and when someone did answer the line was breaking up and the man sounded quite short with me and I couldn’t hear the end if what he said then it cut off. When the pizza arrived after 2 hours and 20 minutes there wasn’t even an apology for the huge delay and lack of communication. The pizza was hot and tasty however not worth the overall ordeal.
  • - - PARA HILLS - June 2019
  • obviously no quality control here. 8.50 for spiral fries and all i got was a box of hardened ends so poor unedible, piece of lettuce in my burger was 3cm by 5cm it also had red onion in it which it wasnt suppose to. no one checked this order obviously. for the price i paid i expected quality that meal was worth probably 5 dollars at best not 20.
  • - - PARA HILLS - June 2019
  • really really sall servings. the the yiros diameter was smaller than a hot dog. bullsh!t
  • - - RIDGEHAVEN - June 2019
  • Very poor. Pasta was a very very small serve for the price, garlic pizza and sweet potato fires were over cooked. was very very disappointed.
  • - - PARA HILLS - May 2019
  • Food was late, cold and soggy! The kebab meat was dry and tough. The salad was soggy and old. Really just disgusting.
  • - - ANDREWS FARM - May 2019
  • Meal was late, then the delivery guy dropped my pasta on the ground at my front door step. Ordered it with a pizza bbq meat lovers it had no bbq sauce on it, when i called the shop to say not to bring the food back, i couldnt understand them on the phone. But then 1 hour and 40 minutes later they brought it back. I refused to take it as it was quite late in the night and we were disgusted it took that long as you would hve thought we would hve been a priority. The shop then tried calling me at 10:30pm at night which is very unprofessional. Never ordering from there again..
  • - - WINDSOR GARDENS - May 2019
  • Absolutely disgusting, worst kebab I’ve ever had, one bite and had to throw it out! Onion rings were half empty, pizza was stodgy... would not recommend this place to anyone
  • - - SALISBURY EAST - May 2019
  • was terrible and will not order from here again food was burnt an inedible.
  • - - SALISBURY EAST - May 2019
  • - - BRAHMA LODGE - May 2019
  • - - SALISBURY DOWNS - May 2019
  • Delivery and Pizza were good. Kebab was very average.
  • - - PARAFIELD GARDENS - April 2019
  • Speed the food was cold on arrival. I got con poll chicken which was meant to be in a rose sauce but it was more like a normal tomato sauce And was awful. Would not recommend this place!
  • - - MAWSON LAKES - April 2019
  • - - April 2019
  • Have been to this place about 5 or 6 times now, the last 2 times we had to wait far too long for our order. Never matches the expected delivery/pick up time. Asked for 2 schnitzels last night, one with gravy one with Dianne sauce. Received 2 Dianne. And could clearly taste the chips were just microwaved or something, my partner ate a chip still cold and hard. The last time before we went he didn’t have $1 change to give us, we came in store for pick up and he didn’t have the correct change. Not impressed, think I will avoid now.
  • - - April 2019
  • Chicken Parmi was pretty good I'd go back for another,and a fast delivery so my first experience was an enjoyable one.
  • - - WYNN VALE - April 2019
  • - - HOPE VALLEY - April 2019
  • - - WINDSOR GARDENS - April 2019
  • - - Parafield Gardens - April 2019
  • 2 hours late, cold food and only after I called multiple times. Very very disappointed and ruined a family night in. They did not offer a refund and were unhelpful.
  • - - HIGHBURY - April 2019
  • Recieved my order within timeframe that was sent to me.
    However, my meal was absolutely disgusting, i had a combination yiros that had no flavour and extremely chewy meat, then ordered a garlic cheese pizza which was covered in a layer of foul minced garlic. Ended up throwing out most of my meal. Would not order from this place again
  • - - PARA HILLS - April 2019
  • Very friendly driver however pizza was 20 minutes late but received a free garlic bread pizza a bit more topping spread around the pizza base but will try them again.
  • - - ST AGNES - March 2019
  • wrong chips
  • - - MODBURY - March 2019
  • - - HOPE VALLEY - March 2019
  • - - BRAHMA LODGE - March 2019
  • I waited over an hour before I contacted the store and was told they ‘had not received my order’ and I was constantly pressed to contact Menulog to sort out the issue.

    After I finally got the pizza store to actually check their online order queue, they realised they had somehow overlooked my order.

    I received no apology, refund or at least a complimentary addition for my inconvenience.
    Finally my pizza was half-cooked, bland, and half the toppings were stringy.

    Will not re-order from this store again.
  • - - INGLE FARM - March 2019
  • Waited for 90 mins for order. Then to receive very poor tasting pizzas
  • - - MODBURY HEIGHTS - March 2019
  • - - PARA HILLS WEST - March 2019
  • Order was wrong at first but they delivered a replacement fast
  • - - PARA HILLS WEST - March 2019
  • Not overly happy I ordered deal 5, it includes party pizza garlic bread and 1.25 litre drink, and I ordered an extra cheesy garlic bread, but all I got was 1 garlic bread, even though I paid for 2.
  • - - SURREY DOWNS - March 2019
  • Carol - - parafield gdns - March 2019
  • damien - - BRAHMA LODGE - March 2019
  • Ben - - GOLDEN GROVE - March 2019
  • order was missing and item on both, and had something that wasn't asked for on one.. very dry
  • Narelle - - ELIZABETH NORTH - February 2019
  • Craig - - MODBURY HEIGHTS - February 2019
  • horrible portion size
  • Johnny - - PARA HILLS - February 2019
  • Francis - - MUNNO PARA WEST - February 2019
  • Great range and chochas pizzas
  • David - - GILLES PLAINS - February 2019
  • if I could give 0 stars I would,do not order food here!
    I never leave reviews but my food was disgusting, I ordered the chicken avocado pasta took 1hrs 30mins to arrive.. it had zero avocado and it tasted like oil! fucking disgusting, never again 🤢
  • Chloe - - January 2019
  • Worst kebab I've ever eaten. Totally without taste. Chicken wings overcooked and dry. delivery was late. The gelati was awesome
  • Janie - - OAKDEN - January 2019
  • Kellie - - HOLDEN HILL - January 2019
  • Pizza were good and ready when ask for them to be
  • Chris - - December 2018
  • The abpack was horribly dry and probably the worst I've ever had,ceaser salad was also not the best won't order that again
  • Carmen - - PARA HILLS - December 2018
  • Quality was subpar, just didn’t taste well was more upset that my lamb was herb mince and not actual lamb, sadly wouldn’t order again :(
  • Marie Claire - - ELIZABETH GROVE - December 2018
  • Food was fair, but the Kabab was short on sauce and dry.
  • Elisabeth - - POORAKA - November 2018
  • Mel - - MAWSON LAKES - November 2018
  • Matt - - HOPE VALLEY - November 2018
  • Lasagna was average. Chicken Kebab was average (not good for a place called Mr Pizza and KEBAB!). Chicken and mushroom risotto was steaming hot but as bland as cardboard. Delivered on time.
  • Paul - - INGLE FARM - November 2018
  • Awesome
  • KImberly - - GULFVIEW HEIGHTS - November 2018
  • Nathan - - November 2018
  • Delivery took just over an hour to be done. But the meal was piping hot, cooked and delicious :)
  • David - - SALISBURY HEIGHTS - November 2018
  • Matthew - - FAIRVIEW PARK - October 2018
  • good food and good portion sizes
  • Grayden - - HOLDEN HILL - October 2018
  • Terrible customer service. Our food was cold. The pizza came as if it had been thrown around in the box before we got it.
    I rang to complain he said it was a driver issue and would call the driver then call me back and never did.
  • Christie - - ELIZABETH VALE - October 2018
  • The delivery time was excellent. Was delivered within 30 mins. The burgers where a little cold but the flavour and quality made up for that. Will definitely be re ordering from here.
  • Darren - - SALISBURY DOWNS - October 2018
  • Ingredients were fine but it was really lacking salt...not sure if it was the base or the sauce, but something was definitely not right ☹?
    Delivery was great... said an hour and can in half an hour
  • Sharon - - SALISBURY HEIGHTS - October 2018
  • ordered food at 8 called right away to say i needed it as delivered as i pick pick up. at 9 oclock we had no food so i called to see where the food was it arrived over 1.30 hrs late cold and soggy.
  • Stephen - - October 2018
  • Lasangna was pretty good, better than a lot of pizza shops have as it had good portions of bechamel sauce! PIzza was good, simple but good, Kebab was good and managed to stay 80% unsoggy prior to arrival.
  • Paul - - INGLE FARM - October 2018
  • pizza was all over the place like it had been dropped. driver dropped bottle of coke. normally everything is good but this time I was disappointed.
  • Jason - - PARALOWIE - October 2018
  • Very yummy delivery was a while but so worth the wait!!
  • Cheyenne - - WINDSOR GARDENS - October 2018
  • The kebab bread was not cooked worst I've ever seen. I order almost once a week never again
  • Kylie - - BURTON - October 2018
  • kebabs were very small but tasted great
  • kelly - - MODBURY - October 2018
  • Katherine - - NORTHGATE - October 2018
David - Paralowie
  • thanks
  • David - - Paralowie - September 2018
  • smaller than average AB for slightly higher price than competition.

    Still decent as AB's go
  • Patrick - - PARA HILLS WEST - September 2018
  • Quick delivery! Delicious and hot! very friendly delivery staff.
  • Josephine - - GLOBE DERBY PARK - September 2018
  • Jason - - Parafield Gardens - September 2018
  • Great & outstanding delivery & wonderful hot pizza as usual. Will always order from this pizza shop
  • Debbie - - SALISBURY PLAIN - September 2018
  • Delivery driver got lost which resulted in ice cold food. No meat in the bolognese sauce. Calzone was rubbery andcrap. Chips were soggy because they were cold. Terrible meal will never go back!!
  • bree - - SURREY DOWNS - September 2018
  • Ben - - GOLDEN GROVE - September 2018
  • Quick delivery
    Hot and yummy!!
  • Josephine - - GLOBE DERBY PARK - September 2018
  • In our order was a lamb AB, there was very little meat in it and i cant believe they thought this was ok to send out, the chicken was a little better but not to the usual amount. We have used mr pizza and kabab many times but it makes you think is it worth using them again to get the scraps they put in these meals especially at $18each
  • James - - VALLEY VIEW - September 2018
  • Great quality, everyone loved their food. Delivered promptly. Great service.
  • Mark - - PARADISE - August 2018
  • linda - - MODBURY NORTH - August 2018
  • Great & Fast service & delivery A++++ as always
  • Debbie - - SALISBURY PLAIN - August 2018
  • allan - - PARA HILLS - August 2018
  • Amy - - BRAHMA LODGE - August 2018
  • Had to wait 90 minutes to be delivered
  • Lewis - - CAMPBELLTOWN - August 2018
  • great pizza
  • Marc - - POORAKA - August 2018
  • great pizza
  • Marc - - POORAKA - August 2018
  • Malinda - - PARA HILLS - July 2018
  • linda - - MODBURY NORTH - July 2018
  • Great delivery & even better pizza, nice & hot with beautiful real bacon. Will always order
  • Debbie - - SALISBURY PLAIN - July 2018
  • AB lamb was of average taste.
  • Julie - - PARA VISTA - July 2018
  • Kebab was good. Two pizzas were good. Risotto was bland and there was only half a container sent. It is usual to have a full container especially for $19! Gonna have to say BAD risotto experience.
  • Paul - - INGLE FARM - July 2018
  • loved it as usual
  • Patrick - - PARA HILLS WEST - July 2018
  • linda - - MODBURY NORTH - June 2018
  • Bruce - - PARAFIELD GARDENS - June 2018
  • Ordered for group. Lamb AB was good (I'm told), but salad didnt' come with order. Chicken Kebab was good (I'm told). The other three dishes were pasta and a risotto, and all were FAILS! Half serves, bland, mix of pasta types rather than wholly one requested. Bad order overall.
  • Paul - - INGLE FARM - June 2018
  • Delicious & very hot when delivered. Will always order from this pizza shop.
  • Debbie - - SALISBURY PLAIN - June 2018
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