Street Falafel - West End

84 Boundary Street, West End
Middle Eastern Vegetarian Dessert Salad
Does not deliver
5:00pm - 9:00pm
Min. delivery: n/a
Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Meal Deals

Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Street Falafel - West End offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Meal Deals’ section of the menu for more details.

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Restaurant Specials or Meal Deals

Street Falafel - West End offers meal deals or specials. See the ‘Meal Deals’ section of the menu for more details.

Authentic Middle Eastern street food is yours to enjoy at Street Falafel. The traditional food here is a favourite with diners in West End because the portions are generous, the prices are fair, and the food is delicious. You'll appreciate the freshness of the dishes here, and everything is made to order. Some menu items you may enjoy trying include Samir's Authentic Falafel, Chicken Breast Shawarma, Make Hummus Not War, Killer Zaatar, and Fattouch. Street Falafel does not deliver, but they will gladly prepare your order for pick up. Go online to place the order.

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8 Street Falafel - West End Reviews

  • I'm wondering if Street Falafel has changed hands recently because the service has been hit and miss lately. Today I was very annoyed when I bought a serve of fries only to see that the bag was LESS than half full! For $4.90 per serve, I expect a decent amount, much more than half of the bag. I have been a regular customer for a while now and I don't think I'll return in a hurry. It's a shame because the rest of the food is amazing, it's a shame that you only receive half of what you pay for.
  • -
    345 Pts
    - October 2016
  • Falafel was overcooked and very dry. The sauce provided was separating, didn't taste very nice. Chicken Sharwarma was ordinary and Beirut fries tasted stale and could taste stale taste throughout whole wrap.
  • -
    25 Pts
    - April 2016
  • -
    35 Pts
    - February 2016
  • delicious and done on time :)
  • -
    155 Pts
    - September 2015
  • Delicious!
  • -
    255 Pts
    - August 2015
  • -
    45 Pts
    - August 2015
  • the food was outstanding. the flavors and ingredients were fresh and it was well worth the cost!
  • -
    45 Pts
    - June 2015
  • Amazing quality, generous portions, fresh FALAFEL, CHICKEN and BEEF! We tried them all! Highly recommend it. Staff is very friendly and helpful and service is quick...
  • -
    135 Pts
    - February 2015
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