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Australia’s favourite dish is Pad Thai

Australia’s favourite dish is Pad Thai

Takeaways delivering to Wandin North Melbourne

Restaurants around Wandin North Melbourne

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Melbourne is easy for anyone who selects to visit the Wandin North suburb. Relaxing at the Warratina Lavender Farm or the Katandra Gardens, the excellent Wild Cattle Creek Winery or one of the many picturesque fruit orchards makes it the perfect getaway.

If you should get hungry whilst taking in the sites, takeaway might be a good option, or even have something delivered to where you are staying, if that is a part of you itinerary. Either way, EatNow is the perfect portal to the dining scene of Wandin North and the nearby suburbs of Coldstream, Silvan, Seville and Mount Evelyn.

You will find all your Indian food favourites made fresh from fine ingredients by experienced chefs when you select the Royal Time Indian Restaurant and quickly locate dishes according to your preferred main ingredient, whether it is lamb, beef, seafood or vegetarian offerings, such as Aloo Bonda or Spinach Pakora.

Big Al's Pizza in Mount Evelyn is the place to investigate, where choices such as the Maneater, loaded with ham, mushroom, onion, olives and zesty ricotta and bocconcini cheese might prove beyond your ability to resist. There are so many choices and varieties that it might just be time for breakfast by the time you make up your mind, but EatNow's excellently arranged system will help prevent that outcome.

Finally, the Lilydale Palace Chinese Restaurant is there for you if Asian and Chinese food in infinite combinations would fit the bill for your dinner.

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