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24 hour Pizza Delivery

If you're craving a Pizza dripping with delicious melted cheese and vegetables for fast home delivery EatNow has restaurants for you. Simply choose a restaurant, select a base and topping and have a custom gourmet pizza delivered in no time.

EatNow makes ordering at an hour of the day incredibly quick and easy. Ever find it late at night, your pantry is empty and the last thing on your minding is cooking up a storm? EatNow has your back as we have restaurants like Pepperoni's that deliver nearly 24 hours directly to your door.

Not in the mood for Pizza? Why not get some late night Chinese food delivery. After a long day at work who can be bothered to cook? EatNow offers fast food delivery right to your door. Whether you want food delivery in Melbourne or any other state you can order online for speedy delivery.

You can also use our mobile site or App to order on your way home after a late night out. Simply select and order your favourite meal and have a steaming hot meal delivered to you by the time you get home.

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