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26 King Street, Devonport
Indian Dessert Halal
5:00pm - 8:45pm
5:00pm - 9:30pm
Min. Delivery: $30.00

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With one location on King Street in Devonport, and another on Alexander Street in Burnie, the Taj Mahal restaurant has produced exceptional Indian food since 2011. Healthy, fresh ingredients and observance of Halal cooking techniques combine to produce dishes that meat lovers and vegetarians alike will find delicious and satisfying on any occasion demanding nothing but the finest Indian cuisine. Following time-honoured traditions, every meal on the menu will represent the tastes and textures that account for the widespread popularity of Indian food. A nod to modern times takes the form of an online ordering system that makes ordering takeaway and delivery dinners a matter of accurate simplicity. Locals express praise for some of the best Butter Chicken found anywhere. Seekh Kebab from the Entrée section of the menu features tandoor cooked minced lamb with the perfect combination of ginger, garlic and spices. Diners with a preference for plant-based dishes can explore the Vegetarian Galore section of the menu, selecting from delicious Baigan Aloo, unique Aussie Potato Curry, Dal Bukhara, and many others. Those responding to an urge for seafood will find nothing but the freshest fish and prawns, including a vindaloo that will appeal to fans of that traditional favourite. Five varieties of naan, along with some other breads not commonly seen, make a perfect side dish for getting every bite. Of course, Pappadums reside on the Accompaniments section of the menu, where five types of chutney go well with any of the other dishes. The Chef’s specialty Mango Chicken deserves close attention and an especially nice version of Chicken Tikka Masala will delight curry lovers.

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