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Most common Menulog restaurant owner’s name is Sam

Most common Menulog restaurant owner’s name is Sam

Takeaways delivering to New Farm Brisbane

Restaurants around New Farm Brisbane

New Farm, best known for the historic New Farm Park, has many rich roots in the farming industry. While the peninsula is mostly urban now, classic Queenslander-style homes fill the area. It is a tranquil place to live with a small-town feel.

New Farm is also known as Brisbane's A Little Italy and several restaurants offer authentic Italian fare. Many of these restaurants have takeaway options, so you can get a delicious pizza or homemade lasagna delivered right to your door. Soul Pizza Valley is a local favourite, known for its huge 18 inch pizzas. Enjoy their BBQ Hog Fest or the Meltdown, both offering crisp flavours that come from fresh ingredients.

Takeaway in the area is not limited to the traditional pizza and pasta options. There are several Asian, Indian and Chinese restaurants that deliver. South American and Mexican cuisine can even be found at Montezuma's, which serves up fresh enchiladas, burritos and more. Churros, Chocolate Mousse and Montezuma's famous Mexican Date Cake make this a worthwhile choice.

No matter what type of cuisine you need to satisfy your hunger, try ordering online from EatNow. Many of the best New Farm takeaway menus are available and you can order from the comfort of your own home!

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