If Brazil had a Sunday Roast equivalent, this hearty stew would take the cake.

One of few dishes eaten across the whole length and breadth of Brazil, Feijoada is a deliciously glossy mixture of black beans and various cuts of pork and beef. And when we say various, we mean various. This bad boy has got it going on in the meat department.

It was originally made with cheap offcuts like pig trotters, tails and ears, but any salted pork or beef product will do the trick: pork belly, shoulder, smoked ham, ribs, pork sausages, chorizo, and even bacon.

You will most likely find it served with sliced oranges, rice and farofa (toasted cassava flour which looks like breadcrumbs).

FYI, the orange slices aren’t decorative, people. They are supposed to aid digestion. You are about to eat a hell of a lot of beans.

Slow cooking the Feijoada ensures that every mouthful is infused with all the strong flavours. If you’re cooking it the traditional way, it can take up to a day to do it right, so it’s much easier just to order online.

TL;DR: Meat? Good. Beans? Good. Feijoada? Gooooood.

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