Nicola Federico had all the haters. Other chefs, critics and townspeople told him every day to throw away his dreams. They said he’d never invent and popularise a new pasta, especially not as late as 1907.

Nothing could stop Nicola, he was obsessed. He told everyone to stuff it (see what we did there?) and he just kept on rolling out pasta dough. Finally he cracked it. Large pasta tubes brimming with the meat, cheese and herbs that Italians love and then topped with napoli, bechamel or alfredo sauce and baked. The Cannelloni was born.

These delicious tubes of twiced cooked goodness are what success is all about. Like Disneyland or Harry Potter, Cannelloni is one of those amazing things that we wouldn’t have if their creators had listened to the people who continually shut them down. Dripping with ingredients, like rich tomato and sharp cheeses, that make us feel content and self-assured,  Cannelloni is like an edible Keep Calm and Carry On poster, urging us all to push on with positivity and disregard those trying to bring us down.

Its carby deliciousness fuels our bodies while its 108 year success fuels our spirits and drives us to achieve the things that make us happy ( like eating another Cannelloni). So if you’re looking for inspiration, or a way to cheer yourself from the effects of other’s negativity, order yourself a Cannelloni and go for gourmande gold.