Who doesn’t love Christmas? The lights, the decorations, the festivity and, of course, the food. Does any other calendar event have food as good as Christmas in Australia? Nope and that’s why we’re always excited when July rolls round cause that means it’s time for Christmas in July and we have EVERYTHING you need for your party.

off the hook


What’s Christmas without a little bit of succulent seafood? We can organise seafood to your door any way you want: with cocktail sauce, slathered with herb butter, grilled, fried, encased in dumplings … we weren’t joking when we said ANY WAY. Our rulers of the sea are also the rulers of our tummies.



We love any excuse for a feast but we do like to save full glazed hams, roast turkey or even tofurkey (tofu turkey) for the real event in December. While you wait, we deliver on the rest, including roast meats – lamb, beef, chicken and pork with all the trimmings and plenty of gravy. It’s also a great time to enjoy some more seafood.

And for our vegos, we can totally tart it up for you (only in the food department, that is … what were you thinking?). There’s a whole world of choice in the tart and pie department.



There’s nothing like spicing up a fresh garden salad with some stuffing that’s normally reserved for a turkey. If you can get some cranberries thrown in, then you’ve got yourself a nice lil plate of Christmas.



Anything goes in this department. There’s pavlova, cheesecake, trifle, pudding … and more. Bonus points for mango, cherries, spices, custard. Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Order ice cream and throw some cherries in it.



Don’t forget your alcohol. Christmas isn’t the same without it (and we know it). That’s just one reason why we deliver the good stuff.
Enjoy responsibly.



Celebrate Xmas in July with these restaurants: