It’s the last week of winter (finally) and time for us to honour those Winter Warmers that have sustained us through the icy depths of the past few months.

Just as delicious in the warmer months as they are in the cold, these dishes have earned special recognition for making an almost entirely plausible replacement for the sun exposure we so sorely miss between May and September.

We’re trying! Some warm food will help in the meantime.

These categories deserve the most recognition, as the ones that so heroically saved us from almost certain winter gloom.  


Combining rich flavours with varying levels of heat, every curry, from Massaman, to Red Curry, to Rogan Josh has actively contributed to our successful weathering of the, well, weather. With the heavenly combination of spices assisting those with colds in their stuffiness and ability to taste things, curries have given us everything we could have asked for from our winter foods. For warming our tummies and souls, we award all curries, regardless of their chilli levels, top marks for taste and cold and flu comfort.

It’s curry paste, and like a billion spices. MMMMmmmmm


Gentle on those winter sore throats and warming to the bone, soups are one of the most underrated of the Winter Warmers. Best served in a clutchable vessel (a mug or a big warm bowl you can cup under your face) the steamy scrumptiousness of a Hot and Sour soup or even a Tom Yum is also quite excellent at opening those airways. Rich in flavour and a great way to get nutrients of hidden vegetables into your body, soups provide a double-whammy of warmth, hitting you inside and out.

This is exactly how soup makes you feel.


Rich, creamy, garlicky and full of carbs, it is difficult to worry about clouds overhead when you have pasta to keep you company. A warm and blissful food coma is the closest thing we humans can get to the joys of a winter hibernation and pasta is a notorious food coma catalyst.

No thanks, Olaf. We don’t need hugs when we’ve got pasta.

For being the cherry on our “staying-cosy-inside-while-it-rains” sundae, Winter Warmers, we salute you!

The aftermath of a great Winter Warmer.

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