So your stars have aligned and you’ve got a feeling you’re about to win $1,000  (perhaps with #ChewToChoose) and in true food fan form you’re wondering how much of your favourite food you can score.

Well, we did the math. It turns out $1,000 is the rough equivalent of*

454.54 slices of Pizza

Lined crust to tip, your slices would run the length of a train.

35.71 Kilos of Carbonara

- which would weigh the same as an adult German Shepherd and provide 71 dinners for an adult Human Being.

66 Burgers

or one Burger tall enough to ride all the rides at movie world.

55 Schnitzels

or one mega schnitzel 3m around. Either format, enough for a toddler to hide under.

709 California Rolls

which, stacked end to end, would be as tall as a 23 California Grizzlies balanced on each other’s shoulders.

16kgs of Eye Fillet Steak

which would give you the same amount of protein as 173 shakes.

709 Gyoza

100% of a Gyoza loving Gorilla's recommended daily intake of deliciousness.

So if you’re craving mass amounts of your favourite feasts ( or you have a Gorilla to feed), cross your fingers and enter now.

Order takeaway online to enter

Competition closes 24-8

EatNow does not endorse Gorilla ownership, however if the Gorilla is living with you of his own free will, try to encourage diversity in his diet.

*all amounts based on estimates, and excludes delivery fees. You may not be able to purchase the same amount of a described food at each EatNow restaurant.