You don't need to rack your brain for gift ideas. It's simple. Everyone. Loves. Takeaway. You can show love with lovely dinners and be the perfect partner this Valentine's, and here's why. 

It Shows You Listen

The gift of their favourite grub shows you listen and care about their tastes

It Doesn’t Harbour Bugs

Traditional plush gifts can hide micro meanies like dustmites or even fleas. A lovingly selected curry or pasta is delicious and dust mite free.

It Doesn’t Tarnish

Your loved one’s top rated treats, won’t be around long enough to require maintenance and insurance like shinier gifts.

It’s Not Showy

Food shows the size of your heart, not your bank account.

It Doesn’t Just Sit In A Corner And Die

Flowers are morbid. Food is magnificent.


It Knows No Boundaries

Distance doesn’t matter with online ordering. You could send flowers or balloons if you are apart, but nothing will feel like a warm hug more than a piping hot pizza.


It Is Still Appreciated By The SO That Has Everything

Even if your partner is well-off or you have spoiled them in the past, takeaway is always wanted.


Still pondering what to get your beloved? Try a few of their favourite menu items. Order online now!