1. Curry Can’t Hog The Covers

 ... it's hot enough on it's own.

2. Lemon Chicken Doesn’t Get Jealous

... or at least it won't act like it

3. Fish And Chips Won’t Get Drunk And Embarrass You

 ... it knows when enough is enough

4. Pad Thai Doesn’t Have Stupid Friends That Will Always Be In Your House

... actually, Pad Thai's friends are pretty cool

5. Pho Won’t Leave The Empty Toilet Roll On The Holder

 ... pho is considerate and responsible

6. Spaghetti Can’t Forget Your Birthday

 ... it can't forget anything, it's spaghetti

7. Pizza Doesn’t Eat The Last Slice Of Pizza

 ... that would be cannibalism, duh!

8. Takeaway Doesn’t Ask Stupid Questions. Takeaway Understands

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