Though no faster than a speeding bullet nor able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, this superfood has some pretty powerful potential. Holding the secret to its own long lifespan and an incredible spicy, sweet and sour taste, Kimchi is one of the most droolworthy dishes around.

Just between us, Kimchi has chosen the best secret identity a superhero could want. No one wants to mess with cabbage that has been fermented in a jar for days or even weeks. But like any, this superhero has its fans and 51 million Korean’s can’t all be wrong.

Kimchi is their national dish and causes such strong cravings that its cost and consumption have had the power to control the Korean economy, international policy and warfare for thousands of years.

When combined with the salt, chilli, garlic, radishes and other seasonings that help Kimchi pack a powerful punch, the cabbage becomes one of the most super snacks that can be dished up. After a few days fermentation the ingredients become so tasty that even the strongest of super villains cannot resist the call of the cabbage.

Sure to satisfy and fill your body with nourishing necessities, Kimchi has been blessed with some of the truly heroic properties and a taste that will stop evil in its tracks.

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