We’ve had some fun with them before, but burgers are serious business. Dinnertime wars have been fought and won over the between-buns inclusions. But what gives the burger such a tantalising taste, that we travel far and wide in search of the perfect burger bite?

Meaty or otherwise, burger lore dictates a thick and juicy patty is key. While dripping isn’t always encouraged, a dry puck of meat or mixed-veg does not a burger make.

While on the subject of meat, beef buffs may argue that traditional is tastier, while chicken connoisseurs and lamb lovers will counter that lighter or richer flavours are what really make burgers better.

Then there is cheese. While the flavour enhances the meat below, there are anti-cheese challengers that swear by dairy-free deliciousness. And, even amongst those who choose cheese, the style is always up for debate. Unbrie-lievable!

Which toppings enhance your burger? Individuals must answer this question for themselves: Do you need beetroot between your buns, or are egg and bacon best? Does mustard make the cut or will tomato sauce or chutney be the desired dressing?

Whatever the answer, there is clearly some enchantment at play. Why else would we sit, time after time, communing with the burger lords, chins dripping and shirtfronts covered in crumbs?

Perhaps, the secret to the perennial popularity of these mighty, meaty sandwich kings is in fact the endless possibilities for burger-building, an ongoing exploration of flavours and fickle favourites that drives each and every one of us in pursuit of perfection. So, onwards burger lovers, and good luck in your quest.

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