We still have Rio on the brain and it got us wondering what our food preferences say about what sport we were born to participate in. Have you ever wondered about that? Without further ado, here’s a gold medal-worthy list of dishes matched to sports:


Banana bread

We’ve looked into our crystal ball and see all you, fellow banana bread lover, rowing for Australia. The future is appealing and bright, if a little wet.

 banana bread

Order banana bread from: Glitch Food Store, South Yarra, VIC


If you’re a spaghetti lover you’re best suited for the cycling track. Oodles of noodles will ensure you’re not feeling tyred on race day. In fact, chances are you’ll be wheely, wheely victorious. Say pasta la vista to your fellow cyclists.


Order spaghetti from: Tony's Spaghetti Bar, Innaloo, WA


Are you a breakfast-at-any-time-of-the-day kinda person? We get you. You were probably a swimmer in your past life, which means you were basically born to be a water baby. So, dive in and whole grain it up like a bo$$.


Order cereals from: Grocery Butler, North Sydney, NSW

Steak and veg

Big fan of steak and veg? Eating this will probably have you exceeding expectations in the weight lifting area – much better than just meating expectations, cause gold is at steak.

 steak and vegetables

Order steak and veggies from: Grillers Steak and Ribs, Thornbury, VIC


Doughnut worry if you’re a fan of the sweet stuff. You could be Australia’s next athletic hero when it comes to sprinting. We practically sprint to the fridge every time we remember there’s a sweet treat waiting for us, don’t you?


Order your sweets from: Cold Rock, Wilston, QLD


If you’re mad for eggs, you should think about putting all your eggs in the basketball basket. It could be the sport you’re looking for – basketball is an egg-cellent sport, after all.



Order a mega breakfast from: Coomera Roadhouse Cafe, Coomera, QLD