The Lunar New Year is almost here, which means at some stage over the next few days you and some mates will gather around Google comparing the traits of your zodiac animals.

These might tell you a bit about your personality and luck but even the most complicated of charts won’t tell you what kind of foodie you are. So we’ve consulted the stars (and a few fortune cookies) and decoded what your sign means about your hunger habits.


A drive for sneaky snacking means you’ll grab whatever you can from your mates order, even while you’re still eating yours.


You graze all day and like to eat slowly and really savour your food. You’re 100% convinced you have more than one stomach and at least one of them always has room for dessert.


You live by the immortal words of Ron Swanson, “ If it doesn’t have meat, it’s a snack.”


Food is about passion for you, the more exciting and evocative it is, the faster you’ll finish it.


Whatever your order is, it’s gotta have heat. The spiciest thing the restaurant can make, is what you’re having for dinner.


Friends make fun of you for how quickly you eat. You figure, why waste time chewing?


Your body is a finely tuned machine. All you want is lean, clean, lots of green.


Your tastes are adventurous but you also want what’s easy. You’ll eat anything and everything as long as it’s within reach.


You love nothing more than to eat with your hands, and pick at different dishes. Mexican, African and Middle Eastern takeaway are all designed perfectly for you.


You’re known as the show off. You have a history of ordering complicated, unusual dishes and talking about them loudly with emphasis on your perfect pronunciation.


Food envy is a real struggle. All you ever wamt is what your best friend is having.


You will go whole hog and eat too much. Every. Single. Time.

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