A wise man once said rice is great, especially when you’re hungry and want to eat 2,000 of something. The Japanese have proven this fact. They know rice is awesome, especially when topped with tasty treats and succulent sauce. Known as Donburi,  or “Don” to his friends, this “rice bowl dish” is one of the most delicious and varied things you could do with the tiny white grain.

Don is like that one friend you have that is so ready to go with the flow that he can fit in almost anywhere. One minute he’s an edgy yet tender Katsudon (Don topped with fried chicken) and the next he’s the smooth and sophisticated Unagidon (Don with braised eel).

Rich sauces, tender meats, and soft, fluffy steaming rice mean that Don has always been popular with newcomers and long term friends alike.  The perfect entry point into Japanese fare, as well as a tried and true favourite there is a Don to suit every palate.

So ready your rice craving and dig-in to a Don today.

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