Noodles are next-level amazing, but  for those who fully recognise and deeply appreciate their flexibility, and their downright deliciousness, it can be difficult to find the right pieces to show this love with pride.  

Never fear, you can help your noodle nomming buddies this Christmas and encourage them to advertise the specialness that is the sobas, hokkiens and udons of the world by choosing one of these scarce but super sweet gifts.

This charming little pendant perhaps?

Or this delicious looking decal

Maybe this perfect print will prime them to get peckish

Or this sweet little stamp will affirm their hankering for hokkien

The cutest crochet will turn needles to noodles

And this squishy little guy will remind them of the softness of soba

This hat proves that ramen is rad

And goes nicely with this singlet that proves perfection comes in all shapes and sizes.

Join the ramen army and get your shop on while you nom on noodles of your own. Order online now.