Being told you need to stop eating your favourite foods sounds like the start of the next great horror film. There isn’t much else that could suck the fun out of life more than the thought of never enjoying some of your favourite feeds ever again.

Never fear, this isn’t the doom of your dinners. You can still enjoy takeaway treats with a little caution. Here’s a handy guide about how to hoe into munchable mouthfuls without troubling your tum.

Swaps That Let You Feast On Your Faves

The No-Gluten guys will be well aware that many restaurants will swap out their pizza base or burger bun for a GF equivalent, but this isn’t the limit of accommodations that your favourite eateries can make.

GF-ers can also get Gluten Free taco shells, wraps and other dishes, while Fructose and lactose lamenters can make amends to their pizzas by removing the sauce or the cheese respectively. Many places are now making onion and cheese free burger patties which taste better than ever before.

Things To Watch Out For

Whether Gluten is a no go, lactose leaves you lamenting or fructose is not your friend, there are a few sneaky food traps that you should avoid if you’re going to enjoy a night off cooking.

Sauces: Sauces, curries and gravies can all contain ingredients that may trigger symptoms. Even sauces that sound standard like satay or teriyaki might contain hidden red flags for the intolerant.

Quick Fix: Ask for sauces on the side. Sometimes taste testing for problem foods or controlling the quantity is all you need to do to save the taste and your tum.

Coatings: Breaded or flour coatings on foods are obviously a no go for the Gluten wary but they can also contain seasonings with onion and garlic powder that may offend Fructose fearing friends.

Quick Fix: If you’re starving for a schnitz, pull the coating off and eat it with a crunchy but friendly alternative, like potato chips. The meat will be just as tasty and the added crunch will make for a fresh taste.


Dressing on salad can contain some sinister suspects like balsamic vinegar or dried onion, which may upset those avoiding Fructose.

Quick Fix: If you don’t like a dry salad, ask for added lemon slices or keep a safe dressing at home and order your salad plain.

Ordering takeaway with your new diet will be an adjustment, but restaurants are always keen to care for customers who are excited about their food. If you’re ever in doubt ring the restaurant and talk to them about your needs.

Time for intolerance-proof takeaway. Order online now.