Spring has finally sprung, but that doesn’t mean the winter germs have migrated for cooler pastures. With some reports warning of major cold and flu bugs heading our way, the next few weeks could see some of us wanting to hibernate through to summer (at least more so than usual.)

Ignoring the fact that they make us feel generally pretty hideous, these viral villains have one of the most treacherous tricks up their sleeves, they rob us of our enjoyment of food. Whether a stuffy nose makes it impossible for you to taste anything, or a grumbly gut makes you turn on your favourite feasts, feeling sick can morph your passion for food into a problem.

So it’s time to take back your taste buds and reclaim your righteous love of feeding your face when confined to the couch. Here are some ways to still enjoy food when feeling fluey.

Spices Are Nicest

Stuffy sinuses make it almost impossible to register the tantalising tastiness of your takeaway. Smell is so closely related to taste that losing the ability to sniff your supreme pizza breathe in your burrito means your taste is pretty much out the window (along with your hopes and dreams of enjoying a delicious dinner).

But there are some foods that can clear this hurdle. You’ve probably noticed that spicy foods, like Indian or Mexican, have a tendency to make your nose and eyes run (those cheeky spices like to throw parties on your mucous membranes-  irritating the bejesus out of theme, forcing them to overwork). This runniness clears your nose and lets your breathe again ( however temporarily) so you can enjoy that taste of your Korma or Masala.

Strong Tasting

While your sniffer may be on the blink, your trusty tastebuds CAN still do their stuff, if you give them a little help. Ordering something with a fuller flavour means that you can still enjoy a delicious dish without the use of your nose. Something with strong cheeses (Penne Quattro Formaggio), an aromatic curry (Rogan Josh or a Tikka Masala) , something with a bit of tang (Kimchi or Lemon Chicken)  or a really rich sauce (Kebab with garlic sauce or a Putanesca or Napoli Spaghetti), will help you treat your tongue. 


There’s something to be said for treating yourself when you’re sick. You feel horrible, and if eating something you love makes you smile even a little bit, then you do you and smash that << insert your treat of preference>>. If a milkshake is going to soothe your tummy or some fried chicken is going to take your mind off your banging headache, then we’re not going to get in your way.

Time to treat your sorry self to takeaway.

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