The best two weeks of the sports fans summer are here, and while you were busy stretching those eyelids to help prevent point missing blinking, we decided to help you from missing the best parts of the Aus Open in another way.

With Australian Open Tickets prices skyrocketing according to Queen of Tickets why not watch the game at home while enjoying some takeaway.  One of the greatest parts of this event is sitting down to relax with a big match and some delicious food that you didn’t have to cook. But that can be a hazard when you need to eat on the couch and keep your eyes squarely fixed on the telly.

To stop you missing pivotal point scoring plays or spreading sweet and sour pork across your lounge in your excitement at that unbelievable ace, here is the best grub for you to grab during the Australian Open.

Fried Chicken:

Delicious crunchy protein will help keep you awake for those longer matches, and the handy no drip pieces mean you get eat without moving your game watching gaze


Always one of the best tv foods, handy slices and topping binding cheese mean you’re pretty unlikely to drop any even if you are fixed to Federer’s serve.

Dumplings (hands only):

Let’s be honest, chopsticks only make these bite-sized bundles prone to ripping. Eaten with fingers they’re simple to grab and pop in your gob


Not exactly a meal on their own, but they’ve always been a great side for staring at a screen


As long as you tear back the wrapping in stages, this is a complete meal you can hold in your hand while watching Hewitt. Just don’t wave it around like a racquet when things get going.

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