Italian is a cuisine that needs no introduction. It is universally loved by all and for good reason – it’s totally unassuming and totally likeable … loveable, even.

So, what are the most popular and most delicious Italian delivery picks? Glad you asked, cause we’ve compiled a list for you.

Penne alla vodka

Ever wondered if vodka is the answer? We think it’s sure worth a shot – a shot in your meal, that is. This penne dish gets a little drunk during the cooking process to ensure it delivers you top notch nosh. But, don’t expect it to taste like vodka.


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Pasta carbonara

All carb(onara)s aside, this classic dish is always a winner thanks to its sauce of bacon, cheese and tomato – and we love that combo from our head tomatoes.


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Bruschetta really one-ups toast. We call it fancy toast, cause you can serve it as an entrée and will be applauded for your Italian-ness.


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Hate to break it to you but the parma doesn’t hail from the great Aussie pub. It’s fried meat with melted cheese and sauce so we can see why it was adopted here.


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Craving comfort food? Lasagna will always hit the spot, it doesn’t matter if you’re Garfield or not.


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Spaghetti Bolognese

It’s a meat-based tomato sauce that coats thin spaghetti strands. There’s nothing not to love. Canoodle with your noodles.


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Can’t make up your mind? There’s always pizza.